Personal Attendant: Dress Options

I’m linking up with Becky today because I’m treating myself to a new dress! The only problem is….I need your help. I’m one of the personal attendants for a friend’s wedding in October and my closet doesn’t have quite what I want. (The bride rocks and didn’t give us any “rules” but I really want a navy dress).

Here’s what I’m looking for… Comfortable, Flattering, Appropriate.

Personal Attendant Navy Dress Forgive the selfies, I don’t have a live in photographer. All the dresses are from Nordstroms, they offer free shipping and free returns. None of this is sponsored, I just thought I’d let you know!

#1 Painted Threads Floral Hem: If this were a spring wedding, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. But the bottom die cut flowers is too spring for an October wedding.

#2 Frenchi Tulip Sleeve Dress: The only dress with pockets! But is it the most flattering?

#3 Black Swan “Naomie”: The belt is included, the thickest material, but the skirt is huge, could I get it altered in time?

#4 Lush Lace Skater Dress: Is lace something I can wear other than at a wedding?

navy model 1234Just in case you want to see better details, with a real model, photographer and editing.

Which dress should I pick?


31 thoughts on “Personal Attendant: Dress Options

  1. I vote for #3. Pockets are nice, but having been a personal attendant a few times, you have to carry so much stuff that you’ll need a bag anyway. Just my $0.02.

    • So sweet of you to apologize, I agree with it not being slimming, but for a while there it seemed like everyone was obsessed with pockets!

  2. My vote is for 3 of 4 – I like 3 better and although the skirt doesn’t look too big from the pictures, there might not be enough time to have that altered before the big day. I like the sleeves because if it gets a little chilly, you’ll be prepared and not have to throw on a bulky sweater or coat to keep warm!

    • 3 is tricky, it photographs well, but in person I felt like my backside was extra large. I’m leaning towards 4!

  3. They all look cute on you! I’d choose #4 for this occasion. I like the lace sleeves and I think it gives it more of a “Fall” feeling. Also, since they are light 3/4 sleeves you’ll have some warmth in case it is chilly, but not be super overheated if it is warm. And yes, you can totally wear a dress with lace like that for another occasion!

    • Perfect, if I keep it I’ll be asking you for other times I can wear it! (I live in a small town so dressing up doesn’t happen as often as I’d like!)

    • Another friend recommended it with a blazer, and the flowers aren’t too noticeable, so it could work!

    • Thank you! I’m not going to lie, the groom has some college friends that I don’t know, and I’m hoping are cute AND single.

  4. I have been waiting for this blog post!! They are all very pretty but my favorite is #3. It is very flattering and I believe will provide a lot of versatility. Plus it has pockets!!!

    • Well you get to see #3 and #4 in person before I return them. I cannot decide between the two.

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