Peace Perspective XL: This Sick Beat

Can we first acknowledge that this is my 40th Peace Perspective? Thank you for those who have followed me on this journey. My plan for next year, if I can figure it out…is to set up a link up, so anyone can blog about their thoughts on the photo/quote I choose.

This Sick Beat Taylor Swift LyricThis week’s photo is a quote from Taylor Swift’s single “Shake It Off.” You can read the full lyrics here. In typical Taylor fashion the lyrics are about a boy, but if you look closely. There’s a stronger message telling girls to shake off all the drama and just do what you want. Also, instead of being wrapped up in the drama, be in the moment and pay attention to the “sick beats” aka fun moments that are surrounding you.

I’ve blogged about my love of Taylor Swift before, check out the post here. And per usual, I am waiting until the cd comes out so I can buy the target edition.

Have you been “getting down and out about the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world”? or Have you “been getting down to this sick beat”?


2 thoughts on “Peace Perspective XL: This Sick Beat

  1. Yaaaaaay for 40 Peace Perspectives! (random side note: I originally typed “peach perspectives”, and now I want peaches. Mmmmm.) I don’t comment on these super often, but they’re one of my favorite series to read. So hooray!

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