Traveling Art Pub (Painting and Wine!)

Fall is truly my favorite season. I felt like I was going through the motions of living all summer, but I have finally caught my stride. Thursday night I attended my first Traveling Art Pub event. A Brainerd based company (owned by a friend’s family) offers group painting classes with no skills required!

Traveling Art Pub Aitin BeaneryThe event was hosted at The Aitkin Beanery, which is also where I attend wine club events. They had a special deal of $10 for appetizers and a glass of wine (our painting experience had been pre-paid for $35).

Wine and Paint ProcessWith simple colors we were given a step by step instruction for our masterpiece. The last step of covering the trees with leaves was a little vague, but I think it turned out okay!

Painting and WineThankfully I never cleaned my brushes in my wine glass. Although it totally could have happened. There was talk of this being a seasonal activity, and I will definitely participate again!

Traveling Art Pub Final ProductHave you ever attended a similar event? I think this would also be perfect for a girls weekend, bachelorette party or baby shower!

9 thoughts on “Traveling Art Pub (Painting and Wine!)

  1. How fun! I have seen several of my friends go to something similar, and I know Madison offers them too, I just haven’t looked into it much! I would love to go to this sometime during the winter months!

    • It was a great night! Although there wasn’t much time for talking/drinking, we were busy being artists!

  2. Darn right! Mine is hanging in my room for now, although I plan on gifting it to my Grandma for Christmas. (shhh, good thing she doesn’t have a blog)!

  3. Great painting! I’ve done Wine and Canvas a couple times and had a lot of fun with it. I’m not very artistic, but these types of classes help you create something really cool.

    • I am completely inartistic, a friend of mine owned a scrapbook store, and she used to laugh at my lack of skills (in a good natured way of course). They mentioned doing a 4 season series, so I hope to continue!

    • I got close a couple times, but always managed to drink and dip from the correct glasses!

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