Fall Friday Confessions

  1. It was a long week, so I’m looking forward to some time at home CLEANING this weekend! (my windshield could use a little work) ((See photo below))

Sunset Windshield2. In my last Skechers post, the shoes I received are no longer available online. But they have other great options, so click here to check them out!

Purple Lake Sunset3. I’ve been shopping online like a madwoman. Now I need to donate the clothes that I either didn’t wear this summer, or aren’t fitting properly for winter. (and return what doesn’t work when I go to the cities next weekend).

Sunset Line hwy 1694. The sunsets have been gorgeous this week! I’ve snapped photos on my phone when I can (always safely of course). But am dreading the day when the sunsets while I’m still at work.

3 thoughts on “Fall Friday Confessions

  1. I love the sunset pics, especially the one where the sky is pink! Beautiful! Or is that a sunrise photo maybe? I am also dreading the time when the sun rises and sets while I am at work. πŸ™

    • These were all Sunsets. I’m ready for day light savings so I can get some better sunrise photos. I’m usually awake, but not in the picture taking mood!

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