Tips for a Blog Conference

It’s that time of year again! On Saturday I’ll be attending the 2014 Minnesota Bloggers Conference (#mnblogcon) for the third time, you can see my 2012 and 2013 recaps by clicking on the years. And have a nice look at how many blogging has changed!

Minnesota Bloggers ConferenceI have a few bullet points for things to do while at the conference, however before you get there you may want to consider what you wear. There’s a large mix of people: mommy bloggers, professional marketers, and everyone in between. I like to wear something business casual but comfortable. I think I’ll be wearing some kind of boots, dress, and sweater. But once you’re there here’s what I recommend you do!

  • Turn your phone off, save the battery.
  • Have a notebook for writing quick notes.
  • Use your laptop or tablet to follow the twitter feed.
  • Ask questions via twitter, someone in the audience may know the answer and tweet back at you.
  • Share what has worked for you! Don’t be afraid to speak, even if you aren’t the presenter, just make sure to be respectful!
  • Smile! You just might make a new friend.

I have found that most of the people attending Minnesota Bloggers Conference know each other from other events/organizations. As someone who doesn’t live in the Metro some conversations aren’t as applicable to me, however I have learned something each year and feel that is very worth my while to make the trip.

Do you enjoy conferences? Have any other tips for conference attending success?



11 thoughts on “Tips for a Blog Conference

    • It’s a really great event, more technical/professional than other conferences I’ve attended, but I like that about it!

  1. I’m so interested to hear how it went! Super bummed I didn’t make it this year but I want to go next year! Whether I still live in Mn or not!

    Since I’m usually on my phone constantly, I would say to bring a phone charger. I totally had a phone charger and laptop charger with me at HLS and charged them on breaks lol

  2. i wish i had read this before the conference last year! for some reason i figured it’d mostly be youngish girl bloggers, and so i dressed fairly casual. i was verrry surprised by how many professional/business bloggers attended. i wish i could make it this year, but i’m pretty sure i’ll get the important updates on your blog :))

  3. I am excited about the opportunity to have a headshot taken this year! Adds to my indecisiveness about what to wear, though. I think I’m going with a nice pair of jeans, boots and a sweater. I feel more comfortable in jeans and I am already going way out of my comfort zone by attending the event alone and not knowing anyone! I love meeting new people but I get so nervous, even as an adult πŸ™‚

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