Peace Perspective XLII: Your Church

Most Peace Perspectives are found on Pinterest. You can see pins that I may use in the future here. This week’s actually comes from a blog I have in my feedly. Yes and Yes‘s post behind this photo can be found here. My feelings are below!

Your Church from Yes and YesMy church has changed over the years. I was raised Lutheran, although my dad’s side of the family is Catholic. So I can do a rosary, but I can’t take communion at a Catholic church. (which is a silly rule if you ask me).

In elementary school I would have said my church was at church. By middle school my favorite camp had influenced my life so much I would say that my church is camp. In high school, I would have said “wherever my friends are” acknowledging that camp has given me many friends that I rarely see in person, but are always in my heart. In college the question “where is your church” would have silenced me. I wasn’t in a sharing mood.

Post-college the “where is your church?” sentiment is still changing. The friends I hear discussing church are usually referring to where they are getting married, or baptizing their baby. I rarely attend a church service, however that doesn’t mean my faith is suffering. I don’t assume that I’m a bad person for not attending church services. In fact I feel the most trust in God now that I have felt in a while.

If I only focus on the “fills you and thrills you, brings you tangible joy” I think of the people I’ve been working out with. We are all at the workouts for different reasons, some to lose weight, some to train for a race, some for a moment alone, or another reason that hasn’t been shared. There are fast paced high energy days, and days where we go through the motions. Each day is a worthwhile, and there are probably changes to come.

Do you have a “church”? What does it look like?

10 thoughts on “Peace Perspective XLII: Your Church

  1. I am Catholic and go to a church in my neighborhood that I really love as the priest and deacon give great homilies. I like that it’s a smaller parish that feels more intimate than some of the massive churches in the Twin Cities. But outside of those four walls, another area where I feel alive and feel a spiritual presence is when I am outdoors, especially in areas where I am far removed from the sounds and distractions of the city.

    • Ooo, I’m very intrigued by small churches within big cities. I am not drawn to big churches, they overwhelmed me. Also, getting away from the crowd can be so refreshing.

  2. Those are some really interesting perspectives. It hadn’t occurred to me that “church” can be more than a building. In fact, by the definition in the picture, faith/religion doesn’t even have to be a part of it. That definition really appeals to me. Second, I love the idea that your gym/workout space could be your “church”. And third, although not central to the topic of this post, this part: “There are fast paced high energy days, and days where we go through the motions. Each day is worthwhile” really struck me. It’s so easy to forget that days when we go through the motions are just as important as others. Both in workouts and in life!

    • I’m glad you took the time to read the post. Some people (even myself at times) see “church” or “god” and avoid the topic. I loved the picture Yes and Yes chose, because it really opens people up to possibilities.

  3. Katie I could not agree more!! I attended church and was super involved in the college ministry in Arizona. It was my family and really where I found Christ. I met my husband through that and with moving when we got married we fell of the church bandwagon cause we couldn’t find one. Life is just really busy and we still haven’t but like you said I don’t feel guilty about it (anymore). I feel Gods presence more than I think ever, as you said. I think I used to rely on church to get me connected to him but without it I’ve learned how to maintain my faith and trust him in my own way. Whether that’s like you said- working out or serving others at work.

    Thank you for this post! It really hit home and validated some thoughts I’ve been having.

    • Yes! Thank YOU for commenting so I know I’m not alone in this “initial feeling of guilt but coming into acceptance” for not attending church, but still feeling connected to God and his love.

  4. jon and i have spent a lot of timing look for a church we can call ‘home’ in minneapolis. he was raised lutheran and i was raised episcopal, but we started out visiting non-denominational churches. this past weekend (yesterday, actually!), we went to a lutheran church in uptown, and it kinda felt like home. perhaps our search is over? ALSO! had brunch with some blogging girls this weekend and we spent at least 2 minutes talking about how we wished you lived closer <3

    • Ah! I would love to live closer, and it might happen some day. I’m glad you guys are open to choosing new churches, funnily enough I did go to church yesterday, and it happened to be reformation day. It was so great to think about how far I’ve come since my confirmation 10 years ago!

  5. Funny I’m commenting under Jen, as I had brunch with her 🙂 I’ve also looked around the twin cities and have not found exactly my fit. But I agree, I feel closer in other areas of my life than just that particular building. In nature, in volunteering, at family get togethers.

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