Peace Perspective XLIII: Leaving Home

Happy Belated Halloween! I’m not a big fan of the holiday, but I hope you had fun whatever you did! I’ve been running to and fro all week, which isn’t surprising given my fall schedule. Thankfully I had all Saturday afternoon at home, which was a nice change.

Leave Home and Come Back

Last weekend I had every intention of not going home after the Minnesota Bloggers Conference. I planned to delay my travel back until Sunday. But the Sunday night blues are usually harder when I come home on Sundays after a fun weekend away. So instead I came home on Saturday night. I was able to spend some time with my brother, go to church with my family, and not spend any time in the car on Sunday. It was a win – win – win. I love living at home, cheaper cost of living, no traffic, tight knit community. But I also love getting out of town. Driving to the cities or Duluth gives me time to get away and reconnect with myself. None of the daily distractions.

I had originally planned to be out of town this weekend also. But as the weekend got closer my plans changed more. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be gone, but given that I’ll be in the cities NEXT weekend, it didn’t seem necessary to be there three weekends in a row.

Full discloser, I’m still going to the Vikings game in Minneapolis today. But I’m going down and back with my dad. Which is worth the time in the car.

Do you like traveling on the weekends? Or you do you prefer to stick close to home and keep your traveling for longer distance and time trips?

6 thoughts on “Peace Perspective XLIII: Leaving Home

  1. When I lived in Charlotte, I was gone about 2-3 weekends a month because it was my survival strategy (I hated living there). Now that I am back home, I have very little desire to travel. I think that will change with time but I am just so content here and I like to have my weekends to recharge and do things like cook, clean, do laundry so I don’t feel so overwhelmed during the week. I look back on how often I was gone when I lived in Charlotte and kind of wondered how I did it! I hope you are having fun at the Vikings game!

    • Isn’t it amazing how we realize things later? I loved living in Duluth, but the job I had at the time was not a good fit.

    • Yes! I love some time at home, just not all the time, but I think that would be different if I were married.

  2. I am definitely a homebody. My three older kids travel easily, but it’s still a production to travel with the 1 year old so we stick close to home. I hope you had fun at the football game.

    • Ah yes, my friends who have one year olds are much more land/time locked. And thank you, the game was fun and we got a win!

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