Day in the Life: Fall 2014

Did you vote? Get out there if you haven’t! After posting my Late Fall Workout Plan last week, I decided it was finally time do to a day in the life post. Which somehow I haven’t done in the past 3 years of blogging. (My official third year of blogging is Nov. 11)!

5:00 am: up, dressed, drive in town and teach Yoga Sculpt!

Katie Looking Forward Yoga Dancers Pose6:45 arrive home, make coffee, shower, get dressed. No hair styling or makeup.

8:00 go to work. Go through paperwork from the weekend, enter daily work.

11:30 lunch break! Healthy Choice Meatballs, surprisingly good. Consider making my own meatballs sometime.

12:15 decide this will be my post for tomorrow. Start outline. (Lunch has already been eaten, so no picture)

12:15-3:00 work continues, with breaks for social media, and drafting Sunday’s Peace Perspective.

3:00 Snack: mini lara bar, map out week and realize I should run today, and maybe on Friday.

4:00 head home, go for a quick run, almost done with Couch to 5k!

5:00 Dance Practice: we’re almost done teaching the dance.

7:30 Home, eat quiche that my mom made. (Too tired to remember to take picture of dinner).

8:30 Bed! Read, asleep by 10.

I had planned on going to spin in the morning, but after running 8 miles on Saturday, and running again on Monday, my legs needed a rest.


8 thoughts on “Day in the Life: Fall 2014

    • Thank you! and Hooray for voting! I’m kind of glad I’ll be busy tonight and hopefully won’t have to watch the results rolling in. That part drives me crazy!

    • I highly recommend it! Especially if there had been some soup on the side (soup never fills me up for a full meal).

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