Walking Fall 2014 Goodbye

Sunday I had the opportunity to wander around St. Paul because I thought I was early for a brunch date. I had arrived earlier than planned so as I walked I considered what it would be like if I was able to live in a different area than my current small town. Of course with moving comes a few things to consider…

car to go st paul

  • Travel options: parking, roads, I like to get from point A to point B with minimal distractions. Not every city/area is easy to navigate.

St Paul Street Poem

  • Beautiful Surroundings. I love that St. Paul has poems written in the sidewalks. I also need to be able to get to some water. I’ve always preferred lakes, but rivers could be a decent substitute.

blooma yoga st paul

  • Yoga: The ability to continue teaching yoga sculpt. I would also love to get a prenatal certification, so I have more knowledge of what modifications I can use as more of my friends have children.


  • Community: I thought I had arrived early for brunch. Until I got the text that my friends were waiting at the front of the restaurant for a table. So I went inside. They weren’t there. They were at RedCow Minneapolis. I was at RedCow St. Paul. So the “I’m early walk” didn’t pan exactly how I hoped, but I enjoyed my last walk of Fall 2014! Thankfully I have friends who are patient and understanding.

And then I got my first run of Winter 2014 on Monday morning before the snow got too deep!

13 thoughts on “Walking Fall 2014 Goodbye

    • Thankfully the weekend had gone pretty well, if I had been tired/cranky I probably would have had a melt down.

  1. There are so many cute areas in St. Paul. That’s definitely a fun part of the city to walk around. Bummer that you were at the wrong location though! And nice work on running in the cold weather! I am such a cold weather wimp, it will be awhile before I run outdoors (especially with how icy it is here already!).

    • I cannot/willnot run on ice. But I do try to find good side roads that are clear enough to run. I love winter running because the pace is a little slower, and it just seems more relaxing.

  2. Ha! That is something I would do. 🙂 I love the poems in the sidewalks, too–do you know if there’s a list somewhere of all of them (ie: where they are located)? And, yes, I think it’s safe to say fall is officially over. But what a wonderful fall we had! 🙂

    • I would think someone has a list….but I’ve never heard of it. And actually I didn’t know about the poems until a couple years ago when I finally had a friend cross the river, dare I say, I think I prefer St. Paul to Minneapolis?

  3. Hey.. MY FAMILY was at Red Cow St Paul for brunch on Sunday!! It was probably the most amazing brunch ever. I will certainly be back there!! Sad we didn’t happen to run into each other! I’m in LOVE with St Paul and that neighborhood!

    • I know!!! I saw that photo on Sunday evening and was bummed, I must have just missed you. Hopefully we can get together for coffee soon, maybe at Cafe Latte sometime!?

    • I’ve got to find a place to get certified first! And, who knows, I may be moving closer in the next year (something I’ve been saying for a year, but it could happen eventually)!

  4. I work close to RedCow Mpls but I haven’t been to the St. Paul location yet! I LOVE the St. Paul sidewalks. I always find a poem that seems to speak to me that day.

    • I always consider that part of Minneapolis “edina” because its pretty close to my grandparents house. Rookie mistake to assume there was only one location!

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