Fast Friday: Fantastic!

Hey Guys, I’ve got a couple great posts sitting in my drafts folder, but those just wouldn’t do for today. I’ve got 5 fantastic things to share with you quickly.

#1 Blends: More than Just Dessert is the best person to come into my life. We are very different (i choose to avoid all NFL football conversations) but can be very alike in some aspects.

Blends Blog Friends#2 Brooks: Emily is adding some YOLO to her life and included me in when attempting to get tickets for Garth Brooks in Minneapolis. It wasn’t the easiest online process, but she survived it, we made it, and had a great time! (If you’re in the twin cities area this weekend, I highly recommend going, I love every minute of it. I thought there would be a “boring ballad” section of the show, but there never was! Even Trisha’s songs were great!

Garth Brooks Minneapolis

#3 Bar la Grassa: My parents were obsessed with it one summer and we went almost too often. After not going for over a year, it was so great to go back and experience it with Em.

Bar La Grassa#4 Brrr: The weather isn’t so fantastic, a little too cold, and a little too much snow for my liking, but bundling up and walking from the restaurant to the concert and back actually was refreshing. It felt good to get the walk after a long meal, and before getting in the car.

Winter Road#5 Brunch: While my location fiasco last weekend wasn’t the best, it sounds like I may be having brunch on Sunday with my high school friends! I love any time we can get together “just because”. Flash back to an older photo of us, hopefully another will also be able to join this time!

Girls Grand Ave St. Paul How have these first few days of cold/winter been going for you? Do you have anything fun coming up!?

15 thoughts on “Fast Friday: Fantastic!

  1. What a fun few days you’re having! I have a few things planned over the weekend but my main goal is to stay warm…I can’t believe how cold it is!!

    • I know right?! I’m digging out all my sweaters that I usually save for the holidays and wearing them now!

  2. Bar La Grassa….Yummy! We are hoping our second and third pods arrive safely today so we can spend the weekend unpacking/chasing a busy toddler. I’m so glad you got to see Garth. Seems like all my MN friends went at some point. It’s great that he played so many shows. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. My fun thing was last night–the Garth Brooks concert. So much fun! Which night did you go?

    Now I’m in the thick of 2014 year-end stuff, 2015 planning and getting ready for the holidays.

  4. Yum, Bar La Grassa is so good. It’s a tough place for me to eat since I have a gluten intolerance but I went to a baby shower there once and the food looked amazing! I heard the Garth Brooks concerts have been great and that he puts on a great show.

    I am not loving this cold but I am trying to not complain about it… I am really glad I bought a new winter coat last week though as I have needed it for my cold walks into work!

    • Goodness! BLG without gluten is tough! Hooray for new coats! I bought one last spring on sale, and am pumped to wear it! Its long and puffy, so I’m waiting until its super cold to wear it. For now my lighter coats are fine as my drive is short, and in small towns there aren’t many long walks from parking lots.

  5. You got to see Garth Brooks?! Totally jealous. I can’t believe how many shows he did here in MN! Also, totally with you on the snow. So early this year. Although, it got me in the Christmas spirit 🙂

    • While the sudden temperature drop was harsh, I kind of like this winter business. I know I’ll get sick of it. But its so pretty!

  6. Hearing Trisha do X’s and O’s and She’s in Love with the Boy brought me right back to my childhood. LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF THE CONCERT! And BLG is my fave Twin Cities restaurant!

    • I agree, BLG is great, and Trisha was the part I wasn’t looking forward to, but I actually loved her portion of the concert, now I just have to find my Tommy 😉

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