Peace Perspective XLV: Want vs. Don’t Want

It’s been a while since I’ve given a life of a single lady update, so I figured now is the time!

Never SureWhile having a “don’t want” list is a negative way of thinking, I believe that it opens me up to more options. I don’t want someone who is always negative. Life can be tough, but there is always something good in the day.

I don’t want someone who is afraid of hard work. Nothing lasts forever, so we have to be willing to work together towards goals.

I don’t want a player, if I can’t trust you, I can’t be with you. And trust isn’t automatic. So let’s get to know each other, go out, meet friends, see family, introduce each other to pieces of our lives, and see what happens. As fun as I love sitting on the couch, eating pizza and watching a movie is not going to bring us together. That is going through the motions. That is something to be enjoyed once we can each other better. Until then, lets go out and have fun!

That’s what I want, I want to work hard, have fun, and enjoy life, all aspects of it.

What do you want, or not want?

7 thoughts on “Peace Perspective XLV: Want vs. Don’t Want

  1. It is interesting to come at this question from a don’t want perspective – it’s not something I think about often. I don’t want someone who is mean spirited or makes me feel self-conscious. I don’t want someone who isn’t comfortable with the fact that I am independent and like to do my own thing at times during the week. I don’t want someone that isn’t inquisitive, curious or open to new experiences.

    • I could never be with someone who makes me feel self conscious! And being open to new experiences is definitely important (its something I have to work on for myself, I love things that are familiar.)

  2. I totally agree with your “don’t wants”. On top of that, I really like a confident (but not arrogant) guy. Someone that knows how and when to show appreciation is important, too. And, let’s be real, there has to be some sort of physical attraction. I dated a guy for forever before I realized I was trying to force a chemistry that just wasn’t there. I never want to do that again!

    • Chemistry is very important! A friend reminded me, everyone is going to get old, so I don’t worry too much about looks as they are guaranteed to change.

  3. I think knowing your “don’t want” list just helps define your “want” list. I look at what you just wrote & see that you want a hardworking/committed, positive, trustworthy partner. All very important attributes!

  4. Reading this made me think of my list, I’ve only been married a few years the dating days are not that far behind me. I used to find myself going after a certain type and then wondering why it wasn’t working. Turns out it was the wrong type!

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