5 Benefits of Multisport Group

I have officially been participating in Lakes Area Multisport events for a year! Last fall I attended their end of the year banquet and I recognized a few people from working out at “The Gym” in Nisswa. This year I knew almost everyone in the crowd. I may not know their age, employment status, or what they look like when not in workout clothes, but I still consider them friends.

5 Benefits of a Multisport Group

  1. Similar Interests– Not many of my friends consider early morning workouts a good idea. This group makes it a priority to get a workout in, without sacrificing family time.
  2. Healthy Habits– While we schedule many workouts from Zorbaz, and enjoy a beer afterwards, its social drinking, not raging.
  3. Different Philosophies– Newbies, Elites, Ultra Runners, Swimmers, Bikers, this group has it all. For different questions I can go to different people and get experienced tips and tricks.
  4. Money Saving– The workouts that we do together are usually outside. Every now and then we’ll go to the Y, but those are $20 or less for a couple hours of work, completely worth the cost. Also, everyone has different budgets for gear, so you can ask around and figure out what will be best for you!
  5. Inspiring– Instead of being solely focused on my own goals, I’m aware of what other people are working on. When I see them putting in the hours and miles towards a goal, I’m inspired to do the same.

Join a Multisport Group

*5 especially this past weekend. I was invited to do 8 miles at 6:30 am, but that’s earlier, and the last time I did 8 I was hurting for a couple days. So I was going to skip, I discussed a short distance with another friend, but I found out there was dance practice on Saturday (there usually isn’t) so I was really going to skip. But then I got in bed at 9 pm on Friday night, and I decided to see how I felt in the morning, and then the start was pushed back to 7:30 and I was sold. I ran 8 miles using a run 3 minutes 30 seconds, walk 1 minute interval. And I didn’t die. And I had some discomfort, but no serious pain. I still went to dance practice, and later went out with friends, and that 8 miles on made me feel stronger. And without the multisport group, I never would have met these women, and I never would have ran 8 miles in 0 degrees, when I was tired and had plans for the rest of the day. So join. You don’t have to be fast, talented, or outgoing. Simply attend a workout, see what happens. You might surprise yourself.

Do you enjoy working out with others? Or do you prefer to workout on your own?

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  1. When I can, I like to exercise with other people. There are some things, like running, that I just have to do alone though. I can’t talk and run at the same time – I end up purple!

    • Haha I totally understand, I have some super chatty friends, and some quiet friends. I usually start out chatty, but until I can see the finish line, in the last mile, I get very quite. I just grunt and pray for it to be over.

  2. Nice work on running 8 miles in 0 degree weather! You are tougher than me! We have so much ice here, I think I’d be paranoid about falling if I ran. But it is going to warm up to the 30s on Saturday so I am hoping to run outside then as I am already sick of the dreadmill.

    I train with a running club from March-October and love it. They coaches plan the workouts so I just have to show up, which is nice. And I’ve gotten faster as a result.

    • I would love to do speed workouts! Hopefully this spring I can do that. Until then I’m trying to safely increase my mileage without getting hurt. The road we were on has very wide shoulders and is very nicely plowed. I cannot/will not run on ice. I’m hoping to get some kind of shoe covering so that I can, but it will probably be a christmas gift.

  3. you make me want to join the group! i can never find someone to join for a morning run, but.. luckily.. i always have plenty of ladies willing to meet me at yoga. it’d be awesome to have a supportive group of friends to call upon to make working out more fun 🙂 LMK if you wanna do yoga next time you’re up(down) here!

    • That would be awesome!!! I’m not sure what area of minneapolis you are in, but Mill City Running store has a flapjack friday run (aka, a run with pancakes afterwards) that is really fun!

  4. Congrats on running 8 miles in this cold! You are inspiring. I really need to get back into a workout routine. I miss it…especially this time of year. It’s so easy to go into hibernation mode. 🙂

    • I know, its definitely tougher, when I got back into working out, which was this time 2 years ago, I started with yoga classes, the heat felt amazing and the pace was best for re-introducing my body how to workout!

  5. Great workout! I love doing strength in a group because I always push myself harder. I love running with my running friends (and miss them every single day since our move), but there are also times I love the solitude of running with my thoughts and the quiet. I am so glad you found a group to push and inspire you. That accountability is so important to long-term fitness.

    • The solitude of running/ability to work through emotions is definitely what made me originally love running. But in the winter, without those friends, there is no way I would have done 8 miles. I’m sure you’ll find more friends/families to do outdoor activities with. My understanding of colorado is people tend to be more active in general, but don’t phrase it as a “workout”.

  6. What a neat club to be a part of, how would one find others in Mn? I’m near St. Cloud and am trying to find like minded people to run with as I will be running the Fargo Marathon in May.

    Nice work on your 8 miles!!

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