Florida Hills are Bridges: C25k Completed!

Happy Tuesday Friends! My workout discussions are usually posted on Wednesday, but with Thanksgiving on Thursday I decided to push it a little ahead.

Fort Myers Beach FloridaLast week I was in Florida with my family, it was much cheaper fly the week before Thanksgiving, so we took advantage! While we were gone my goal was to finish the Couch to 5k program as my Princess Half training starts soon!

Fort Myers Beach Florida ViewThis is the view from the front door of our condo, its about a mile to the main drag of Fort Myers Beach, and about another mile to the bridge in the top left corner of this photo. In the past I’ve ran there and the bridge has felt like it is forever away. Using the Couch to 5k app, I decided to do a full workout Week 8 day 1 on the way to the bridge, crossed it, and then did Week 8 day 2 on the way back.

Florida Hills are BridgesThere’s one little thing about the bridge…the middle section isn’t pavement, its grated. I’m assuming so they can raise it, which I never saw while I was there. I’m not necessarily scared of heights, but walking across that grated section of the bridge was terrifying. My palms are sweating as I type this in Minnesota!

Florida Sun Run

  • 5 mile run, Thursday:  two couch to 5k workouts back to back.
  • 18 biking miles, Friday: one 10 mile ride, one 8 mile ride.
  • 3 mile run, Saturday: had to cut it short so we could get on the boat!
  • 5 mile run, Sunday: of course the day we flew back to Minnesota had the best weather. I was supposed to do 6 miles to “officially” complete the Couch to 5k Training program, but the hot weather and I did not agree.

Do you workout more or less on vacation? I definitely run more, but am very excited to get back to Yoga Sculpt!


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  1. such a gorgeous view!! makes me wish we could run outside in MPLS and not worry about ice. the good news? we have plenty of yoga! i’ve been doing the prenatal at blooma every.single.day 🙂

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