November 2014 Recap

One Winter Month Down! Only…..I have no clue how many more mother nature will throw at us. As usual, here’s the links to a few of my favorite posts from the past month. Starting with Walking Fall 2014 Goodbye.

Leaf Tennis Shoe November RecapI gave out a lot of personal details this month: A Day in the Life, Horoscope, Dating, and a general Q & A.

Taurus Horoscope NewspaperI only posted about workouts twice, in Benefits of a Triathlon Group and Couch to 5k Completed!

Smiling RunnerAlso, if you’re looking for November 2013 recap, which I did….You won’t find it. Last year was pretty crummy and instead of recapping the month, I did a Hello December post instead!

4 thoughts on “November 2014 Recap

    • Thank you Sara! I wish the MnBlogCon was a twice a year event, hopefully I’ll plan some kind of get together for March (I also hoped for this last year and never made it happen) but seriously 2015. It’s gotta work!

    • You moved?! Congratulations!! I think its easy to get so focused on what’s going to happen, its hard to remember what did happen. Which is why I continue to do them, but I’m glad you enjoy them!

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