Peace Perspective XLVIII: Little Fighter

If you had told me this last year, I would have had a lot of questions for you.

fighterWhat makes it get brighter? The sun? A flashlight? Will it get darker before it gets brighter? Is brighter better?

Things are good this year. I’m finally living in that brighter time. This fall was especially bright. I did so many fun things with different friends. This winter is a little different. I’m busy with volunteering for the High School dance team. Which I love, but makes managing time for family and friends a little more difficult. My biggest availability is Sundays, which I’ve usually used as quiet time to prepare for the coming week.

Have you ever had that dark period? How long did it take for the light to come? Feel free to blog about it using the above Pinterest find, and link up back here!


6 thoughts on “Peace Perspective XLVIII: Little Fighter

  1. Sometimes it is so hard to see how or if things will get better! I’ve been in a dark time for at least a year, but the worst was from August to November. Now I’m in a much brighter time and so happy! Those brighter times will always come! God set this life up as a roller coaster for sure. When we climb so high, sometimes we have to take a big plunge before climbing again.
    I’m so happy you’re having a good year! It’s also so important that you are finding some quiet time for yourself and connection during this busy time.

    • Hooray for feeling better! On that note, how’s your foot doing? Hopefully recovery went well!

  2. I think it’s perfectly normal for us to have dark times and light times, it’s part of the cycle of life. But it’s about pushing through those dark times and remembering the light will come around again as long as we stay true to ourselves, our needs and our passions. Happy you’re feeling so much light!

  3. ever had a hard time? you betcha. it’s hard to remember the good times/light will come again when we’re suffering, but you know what? it’s the hard times and the struggles that make me ever so grateful for every blessing that does eventually come <3 and katie, i'm glad everything is going so well for you – you're such a light and you do so much good for others — you deserve to have some of that goodness come back to you <3

    • Thank you so much Jen, I love hearing about your light moments lately as well.

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