Moscato Christmas Sangria

While we’re in the middle of the week, let’s go back to Sunday when I got to be with friends, eat, and drink the easiest 3 Ingredient* Moscato Christmas Sangria.

Created with with my blends Emily, Shelly, Amanda, and Mellissa. My recipe is based off this Holiday Sangria.  However without being able to purchase alcohol in Minnesota on Sundays, I couldn’t add triple sec.So oranges were added instead.

moscato christmas sangriaIngredients:

  1. 2-Liter bottle of Cranberry Sierra Mist
  2. 750 ml bottle of Moscato, or other sweet white.
  3. Fruit* (can easily add more as I did, but it wasn’t necessary).

I started with preparing the fruit. I used a chopped apple, sliced pear, the previously mentioned orange and pomegranate seeds. For all the work the pomegranate was, it got lost with the other fruit, I would skip it next time.

3 step sangriaI loved the sliced pear because it was easy to grab and munch on without your fingers going in the drink. The chopped apples were easy to sip and chew. I liked having those two fruits cut differently, so you knew which you were eating.

It made no sense to me to have diet Cranberry juice, and simple syrup in a recipe. So instead I went with Cranberry Sierra Mist. The added carbonation was a nice touch. In the interest of saving money, I skipped the pomegranate juice and cranberries.

Most Sangria’s have the wine mixed in with the fruit and extra liquid. However, I kept the wine separate so each person could mix their own drink, and exclude alcohol if they preferred.

Do you provide multiple beverages at parties (aka traditional bar cart)? Or do you have a signature drink and a few other non-alcoholic options?

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4 thoughts on “Moscato Christmas Sangria

  1. This looks great! Back when we entertained more I feel like we’d always have way more drink offerings than food. I guess that’s indicative of what I wanted… 🙂

    • I know!! And we even kept the wine out, so you would have been safe! I’m hoping to plan something in March in the cities, hopefully it will work for you to come!

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