December 2014 Recap

I know January has started and most people are talking resolutions, but December was a good enough month that it does need its own recap post.

newyearseve1st off….New Years Eve! Lonesome Pine had a fantastic fireworks display out on the lake. They never do anything half way, so there was an outdoor bar, multiple campfires for people to stay warm by, the Cal Ecker band that started playing at 10, and free champagne and pizza at midnight. I didn’t have a New Years kiss, nor did I expect one, but I did have a great time. I was happy to break my tradition of staying in and going to bed. (also, the picture on the left is my parents dancing to the band, picture on the right is Josh who has more energy than I could ever hope to have).

Saving Money: I’ve already made my first savings transfer for 2015 and based off the comments, I am starting with the largest transfer so each month will be a little easier.

Dance Coach Feet

Live On, Give On: I was so happy that this opportunity came to me.

3 step sangria

Moscato Christmas Sangria: (3 Step Sangria) So delicious, and so fun to hang out with blends.

How to Recover from a Cold: I’m still coughing occasionally, but I’m just going to have to deal with that.


8 thoughts on “December 2014 Recap

  1. I’m glad you had a good new year’s eve! I did end up having my first “NYE kiss” in like, 4 years. I strategically left that out of my blog post 😉 The picture of your parents dancing is so cute!

    • Heck yes!! I’ve got my eye on a new computer (i’ve been dreaming of one since last fall, but think it’ll finally be time this spring to take the plunge!)

  2. I love it they you ventured out on nye AND had a great time! It sounds like it was a lot of fun. December just flew by, didn’t it? Happy January!

    • Happy January! What really flew for me was September and October, the fun in those months really carried me through the rest of the year in the best way.

  3. Your New Years Eve sounds fun! Love the photo of your parents dancing – sounds like a fun night! I can’t believe it’s January already… 2014 flew by but I am excited to start a new year and start to tackle some new goals and projects!

    • Definitely! I spent the 1st lounging around the house, but now I’m gaining momentum and ready for 2015 to rock!

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