Chance Chat 2015: 1

It’s here!! The first Sunday of 2015. And with that, the announcement that my word for this year will be “Chance”.

chance chat 2015 1I am in no way trying to do 365 new or different things. Instead, I’m hoping that I’ll give myself a little encouragement to break out of my shell. I want to “take a chance” and also recognize “what are the chances”….that something like this will ever happen again. So I might still say no to going out if I really don’t think it’s a good idea, or if I have a commitment the next morning and really shouldn’t be out late. But I also might compromise and say, I’ll meet you at 9, but I gotta go at 10:30, and stick to that time commitment.

What’s your word for 2015? If you don’t have one…when was the last time you took a chance?

P.S. You can see what ideas I’m coming up with on my Pinterest Board!


10 thoughts on “Chance Chat 2015: 1

  1. I haven’t really though to a word for 2015, but if I had to pick one I would probably say peace. 2014 was so great but it was not very peaceful. I lived life at a harried pace and felt exhausted much of the time. This year I want more quiet moments and (hopefully) less change. I like the word you picked, though! Especially the ‘what are the chances’ aspect of it because that is a good perspective to have when you are hesitant to say yes to an experience.

    • Yes, I needed Peace last year, my end of 2013 – summer of 2014 was really rough, so I completely understand!

    • Love it! I think it’s a popular word this year, but so important. I’ve been trying to reduce the physical “stuff” in my room lately and its so great to bring things out and either get rid of them, or pass them along to someone else.

  2. I love having a word for the new year! I’m still deciding mine – I’m debating between passion and focus, both of which I really need to work on this year. Happy Sunday!

  3. great word choice, Katie! My word has to be “positivity” this year. Both for me to stay positive but to also eliminate negative feelings, not surround myself with negative people, and try my hardest to put some positive spins on certain situations. Easier said than done though;)

  4. I love your choice! I haven’t done the word thingy but after reading your installments in 2014 I was thinking about it. I suppose it’s not too late…I’m still contemplating. But chance! Really love it & can’t wait to read how this works into your year.

  5. i remember being scared to take a chance as a child, and my dad said ‘if you don’t try, the answer is always no.’ ever since i’ve been more of a ‘why not’ kinda gal <3 oh, and my word is generous – i want to be as generous as possible this year!!

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