Things I could have Blogged about…

I have a serious case of blogging writers block.I’ve got plenty of drafts, but nothing worthy of a full post at this time… Here’s what I attempted.

  • How To Workout in the Morning: after 2 years of teaching at 5:30 am I think I’ve got it figured out….only I haven’t gone to spin class since November, so I feel like a fraud if I posted.
  • Coaching Confessions: I just did a confessions post, which I am absolutely loving the feedback on! And I don’t have many coaching pictures, so maybe I’ll take some this weekend?
  • Netflix for Winter: I own the Friends DVD box set, so I wasn’t including that on my list, I have the screen shots taken, I just didn’t feel like writing the actual post.

I also could put a post together about my final blog numbers for 2014…I’m bummed I was just shy of my goal of 25,000, but I am so thankful for each of you that stop by and read my posts!

Katie Looking Forward Blog GrowthWhat do you do during writers block? Do you have drafts that you want to write but can’t quite post?


8 thoughts on “Things I could have Blogged about…

  1. I usually just combine my ideas into one post..but that usually results in a super long post haha. Or I just don’t blog. Not sure which is better. :p

    Yay for so much blog growth!!!

  2. I get writers block and there are times where I feel bad that nothing I write has much substance to it… but there are challenges in my life that I don’t feel I can really ‘put out there’ (mostly related to work) so I just blog about surface things and it doesn’t feel like an authentic representation of my life!

  3. I have so many drafts & ideas in my phone (I literally write down EVERYTHING I think is interesting…even if it’s just a link to something that is inspiring) that whenever I’m feeling the block I start going through some of those old inspirations to see if anything strikes me. Honestly sometimes the best thing for me is to step back & go at it at a different time. Sometimes a little break is necessary & sometimes writing through it is necessary, too. I’ve had several times where I’m feeling stuck or uninspired & just the act of writing something eventually leads me to where I need to be–even if that means 90% of what I wrote gets deleted! 😉 Sorry this is so long! 🙂

    • I love long comments!!! I definitely send myself emails of things I want to remember. I’m glad I post anyways, I did hear from a few people who don’t usually comment, so I think it was a good experiment!

  4. I’ve had a total lack of motivation for writing so far this year. Hence the fact that I’ve only published one post! Oops!! Now if I got my butt going and finished all my drafts I’d have over a month’s worth of new posts!

    • My problem right now is I have plenty of things in my head, unfortunately I can’t share them quite yet. Also I’ve been busy with dance, and I’m not into blogging about it that much.

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