Chance Chat 2015 #2: Mistakes

Do you like making mistakes? I definitely do NOT. I like things to be as close to perfect as they can. I prefer smooth sailing and clear skies, not rolling waves and thunderstorms.

chance20152There isn’t one clear thing I’m afraid of doing, instead its that I don’t feel called to do anything in particular. I don’t see a point in pushing myself to the limits for something I don’t truly believe in.

Right now my eyes, my ears, and my heart are open. I’m all for making/trying/learning/living/pushing/changing but I still want to feel that those actions are for a reason. And more than just a reason, a greater good.

What are you scared of doing? What are you trying to change?

3 thoughts on “Chance Chat 2015 #2: Mistakes

  1. I am scared to run a marathon. But I’m going to do it. I’m scared to get serious about writing a book. I’m with you in trying to embrace the growth that comes from mistakes.

  2. I’m scared that I won’t find a career path where I feel content and confident. I don’t exactly know where I belong in the finance world but I am pretty sure that it’s not in my current role or with my current company… but I have a contract with them since they gave me a relocation package so I am kind of stuck there for the time being until that expires… In the mean time, I am doing some soul searching and trying to figure out what I enjoy doing and what I am good at…

  3. i was nodding my head in agreement as i read this post – esp. the part about not forcing yourself to do things you don’t 100% believe in just for the challenge of it 🙂 BESIDES – you seem to commit 100% to the things that are truly important, and that’s what really counts 🙂

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