Thoughts with Pho

Yesterday I tried Pho for the first time…I’ve heard it mentioned in other blog posts, I’ve seen a photo or two. I knew it was some kind of broth based noodle soup, but I didn’t know what made it special.

what is pho

  • Sriracha or Hoisin? The waitress asked me when I ordered, I said Sriracha, but wish I had said both. I loved the extra spice from the Sriracha, but I’m also a fan of Hoisin.
  • Jalapeños, bean sprouts, lime wedge, and thai basil. (I added a little bit of each as I ate).
  • The spoon provided is strangely shaped, am I supposed to use chopsticks for the beef and noodles?
  • What are those meatball looking things?
  • Does this have a lot of sodium?

pho biteIf I had to grade my experience….Price: A $9.99 for a big bowl was just fine

Taste: B – I have no idea if this is the typical recipe, but I thought it was pretty good.

Overall….I would maybe order it again. The broth filled me up, but I would still choose sushi or pad thai before PHO, unless I was recovering from a sickness, then I’d order Pho for sure!

11 thoughts on “Thoughts with Pho

  1. I can’t believe it–I was just talking to a friend last week about pho–she’s a huge fan & we made plans to go out so I can try it. I’ve never had it but am eager to give it a try. So weird… Anyway, I’ll let you know my thoughts!

    • What a coincidence! I thought I was the only who hadn’t tried it, but once I put it on instagram there was quite a bit of response, so I figured it was worth a post of its own! I’ll be curious to see where your friend takes you, I feel like there is more authentic pho to be had.

  2. Oh my goodness, I miss pho so much! I wonder if you got a mediocre bowl of it? My favorite is the pho with the thin, raw slices of beef. They cook pretty quickly since the soup is so hot. I usually add both hoisin and sriracha. When we lived in MPLS four years ago, we liked Pho 79 in MPLS.

    • I’ll have to try Pho 79! I was at tiger sushi in mall of america (it’s right outside of nordstroms now) it was okay, but it wasn’t overwhelmingly amazing. If this cold weather keeps up I’ll be having it again soon!

      • Haven’t been to Tiger since we moved. I remember them having freakishly good tempura but everything else was ok. I’m sure others have more updated suggestions but I’d love to hope Pho 79 is still wonderful:) Quang maybe?

  3. I love Pho! You have to go a place known for it. LIke Lotus in Loring Park 🙂 I’d probably agree with you on the Tiger sushi pho.

    And I’m headed to Vietnam in a few weeks, cannot wait to eat real oho for many meals!!

    • Ahh, I haven’t been to loring park in a long time, need to make it over there soon!

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