How To: Workout in the Morning

I’ve been teaching 5:30 am Yoga Sculpt twice a week for over a year now, while there are many benefits, it’s not easy to get up each day. Thankfully I have a few tips to make it easier. (coffee isn’t one of the tips, because that should be assumed).

postmorningworkoutSimplify: prepare your breakfast/work stuff/clothes the night before. When everything is laid out, it’s easier to get up and get moving. Create a gym makeup bag separate from your full routine. Travel size if possibly so you don’t feel like you’re moving into the gym each morning. If you don’t have a shower available…I’ve been known to shower at night, so I’m reasonably clean, post workout I’ll use a shower wipe/wash my face and call it good.

Buddy Up: If you can’t get someone to workout with you, make friends with the instructor/gym employee. Or, ask a long distance friend to text you encouragement. There are plenty of people who work out in the morning, but you don’t realize how many until you start working out with them! (if you really can’t find a buddy, let me know, I’ll text/tweet at you and see how you’re doing!)

Early Bedtime: I don’t usually fall asleep until 10:30 or so, but I try to be in bed before that. I relax, read, and occasionally remember something I’ve forgot and jump to complete it.

Do not get in the habit of snoozing and missing your workout. When you hit the snooze you aren’t getting quality sleep and you aren’t getting a workout. If you really need to sleep, set your alarm later and don’t workout.

As for coffee/caffeine…know what your body can handle. I have one cup in the morning, and sometimes a diet coke around noon. (the pop used to be everyday, but I have been reducing it lately).

  • simplify
  • buddy up
  • early bedtime

You can do it. It will be hard at first, but the more you do it, the easier it gets.

15 thoughts on “How To: Workout in the Morning

  1. Ahhh, I struggle SO much with early morning workouts! That’s the best time for me to do them, though. Otherwise I come up with reasons throughout the day to just skip it!

  2. Totally in the same boat! I’ve been teaching a 5am class for 6 months now. Glad to know I’m not alone when I’m getting up before the sun to teach or workout:)

  3. Thanks for the advice. I’ve found that if I don’t get my workout in first thing in the day, I don’t do it at all. I’ve been slacking lately but your advice has helped motivate me to get up early tomorrow and hit the gym!

  4. Getting up is so much harder in the winter, with the cold, dark air and the warm, snuggly blankets! My mantra is always, “Don’t think; just go.” Thanks for sharing your advice here.

    • “Don’t think, just go” is definitely something I need to repeat a few times. I love to sit around and think about doing something….without actually doing it.

  5. Morning workouts are so hard for me as I need to leave for work at 6:30 which means I need to be getting in the shower at 5:30… which means I have to get up at 4:45 if I am going to work out before work. It’s hard and I am exhausted on those days but I try to do that twice a week. The top thing for me is having an accountability partner. And writing it in my planner. I wish I had a more flexible schedule and could come in at 7;30 or 8 on the days I want to work out but there is just not flexibility to my start time. 🙁

    • I hear you! I teach the early morning classes, but if I want to swim or take spin I have to be up at 4:30 to drive the 45 minutes to the “local” ymca (its 35 miles away). I feel you on being more tired, I try my best to go to bed early those nights, and/or at 6 pm I am so thankful that my workout is done for the day!

  6. “When you hit the snooze you aren’t getting quality sleep and you aren’t getting a workout.”

    Brilliantly put and will resonate with many. Thank you.

    • I’m definitely guilty of snoozing and not working out, and every time I do it I feel so gross all day. So hopefully people can learn from my mistakes!

  7. This is SO hard for me to do but I always feel better when I do. Mornings are the only time that makes sense in my current schedule to get in a workout…which means I haven’t worked out in…well, a long time. Thanks for posting this. I needed the reminder & motivation.

    • You are welcome! I had grand plans for my December, and they did not happen, so I was also trying to motivate myself.

  8. I need to get back in the routine of working out in the AM. In grad school my start time was pretty flexible so I could workout at 7 and it was fine to not be at work til 9 and just stay later! It’s harder now with teaching an 8 am class and having a gym 10 minutes the opposite direction of work (and having to look presentable haha).

    • 10 minutes in the opposite direction? That’s nothing! In order to take spin I drive 40 minutes the wrong way! But rest is important, so make sure you’re getting to bed and getting quality sleep!

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