Chance Chat 2015 #4: Tattoo

Disclaimer: this is not me, if you’re new to Chance Chat, welcome! Each week I take a photo from Pinterest and explain how it fits in with my One Little Word for 2015: Chance.

tattoo if not now then whenI’m not a fan of needles. My grandpa (who was a doctor) pierced my ears right before he retired, I was 10 years old. I’ve considered tattoos and more earrings than the stud in each ear, however I have never pulled the trigger.

I don’t think one of the chances I’ll take in 2015 will include a tattoo or new piercing, but who knows, maybe my Christmas present to myself will be some ink. I have 11 months to decide.

“If Not Now Then When” is something I’m especially considering as I look into graduate school / MBA options. With my current job I could fit a part time program in fairly easily, I’d need to arrange for drive time, and adjust my yoga schedule a bit, but its doable.

I also think about it when I consider dating. Am I missing opportunities by not asking someone I like out? or am I holding back because the timing isn’t quite right, or is it because I’m not 100% certain about the person and I don’t want to put everything out in the open if the feelings or could be feelings aren’t reciprocated? More could be said on this in a future, separate post. And truthfully is already a draft that I have half written.

What are you considering? If you don’t do it now, when are you going to do it?

9 thoughts on “Chance Chat 2015 #4: Tattoo

  1. I love the “If not now, when” phrase as well. It scary to push ourselves to do new things but it’s usually worth it! Most of my “if not now, when” conundrums involve travel – like going to Machu Picchu!

    • I was close to doing a European adventure this spring/summer but have decided to wait a bit. My answer to “when” is in 2 years, hopefully in celebration of getting an MBA. Or if that doesn’t work out, maybe next year.

  2. “if not now, then when” has been a guiding philosophy of mine for years. i’m all about taking a chance (worst that can happen is it doesn’t work out, and the best case? it works!) — ask the guy, make the leap, try the program. all life is an experiment, right?

  3. I’ve been thinking about this all day and it is kinda scary-like I don’t want to even ADMIT I don’t take leaps-nor have I really ever- because of the negative versions of “what if” and “meh…there’s always tomorrow”. Don’t be like me. Start taking leaps now so by the time you’re my age, you have neither regrets nor fear to take the even bigger ones.

    • There are so many things I want to tell those younger than me to “do as I say, not as I did”. It’s amazing how what you think was right at the time, maybe wasn’t so right in hindsight. While I’m hoping to take some leaps this year, but I’m playing it pretty close to the vest, and taking the steps slowly. And these small changes over time do lead to big changes eventually, I don’t judge how long it takes someone to get to a new place.

  4. That’s a really cool tattoo. And I love that saying. If not now, then when…I feel like this applies to so much in my life right now. I actually stepped totally out of my comfort zone recently & submitted for a writing job. I’ve seen postings in the past but I had a million reasons why I shouldn’t. This time “now” won out…& needs to win more often. Great post!

    • Congratulations, just submitting is a huge step! I myself have been looking at different things online, but haven’t quite hit “send” on anything.

  5. Girl. I SUCK at vulnerability when it comes to dating, too. Or, I do it and then I’m so anxious about it that I make myself miserable. I want to get better at that this year, too, but it’s more about me than about finding someone else. If not now when…will I ever gain some confidence in myself? I think that’s mine.

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