Chance Chat 2015 #5: Killing Magic

And Welcome to February Folks! You might be looking for something other than the Super Bowl to pay attention to, and I’m happy to say you’ve come to the right place.

chance 2015 feb1Over-Planning is something I struggle with. Somehow I’ve got a women’s retreat, bachelorette party, fundraiser, and ski-hike all hoping to be scheduled for the same weekend in March. And while I’d love to do some/all of them. I’ll be in Mexico with my family. Now I’m not complaining about a family trip. But man does having every weekend pre-planned kill magic.

Midway through January I was planning February/March and was invited to a party, I happily clicked “join” on facebook pumped that I’d be in town and able to attend. Until I realized that I was planning on being in town March 1, and the party is today, February 1.

It didn’t make me feel very good to be over scheduled that I was getting the months confused! With dance season I knew January and February would have limited free time, so I’ve been pretty strict with myself on not planning things of March/April. And so far it is working!! Umm, except for that one weekend when everyone tried to plan everything.

Do you over plan and kill magic? Or do you fly by the seat of your fairy dust pants? (if the latter, teach me your ways).


10 thoughts on “Chance Chat 2015 #5: Killing Magic

  1. I am terrible at over-planning. I have been better lately but Sept-Dec were so over-planned and I didn’t really enjoy the things I had planned because it felt like I was just trying to ‘get through’ all of the plans I had made. January has been quieter because people seem to hibernate a bit more during this time of year, but I’ve also been trying to say yes to less because after this fall I realized that I need more downtime right now and can’t go from one thing to the next.

    • January is definitely hibernation month! I ran into a friend while I was at dance practice and she was watching her brother in law’s play, I felt so bad that we haven’t had a chance to hang out, hopefully that will change in the spring!

  2. mexico? you lucky girl. i wish upon wishes i was jetting off to somewhere with a beach, sunlight, and a coupla palms. as for over-planning? i’m getting better at it – i got my very first planner this year after having to juggle/rearrange when i’d double-booked (so awkward!)

    • planners, lists, and email reminders are my life. Without them I wouldn’t get anywhere!

  3. I’m a planner, for sure. I think it’s inevitable that everybody plans stuff on the same day. I feel like that constantly happens to me. So fun for you to go to Mexico! We’re going to Florida at the end of the month & I’m super excited to get out of frigid Minnesota! 🙂

    • Hooray for Florida!!! My parents, brother, aunts, and grandparents are going to Florida at the end of Feb without me and I am bummed I couldn’t fit the trip in.

  4. I’m with you on the planning front! This past weekend was driving me nuts because nothing was planned until the day before, but somehow it all ended up working perfectly. I’m jealous that you’re going to Mexico, though! That’ll be so much fun for you. Bring us back some heat the Midwest, would ya? 🙂

    • I’ll try not to post every margarita to Instagram…I wouldn’t want you to get too jealous!

  5. I use to be awful at over planning. I blame having been an event planner. I was so focused on the details, that I rarely had fun. Now, I force myself to live with being laid back. It can be difficult, but really helps!

    • That is exactly what I’m trying to do this year “force myself to be a little wild” because last year’s peace was a little too lazy for me. I need to do some fun and different things.

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