Indoor Triathlon Recap 2015 #2

Hello Friends! I’ve had a jam packed couple of days with lots of fun and seeing people I don’t usually see, but I still wanted to pop in and share my most recent triathlon success! When I completed my first Indoor Triathlon in January (which I blogged about last week…) I didn’t pressure myself to get any sort of distances, I just tried my best and did what I could.

This Sunday was a different story. I went to spin and swim once each every week, and I also ran a couple times a week, usually 3-6 miles. I knew my endurance was better, so I wanted to increase my distance in each sport.

indoor triathlon Swim: Saturday I participated in an awesome swim clinic, which gave me a few ideas on what to change in my stroke. I decided that I would focus on those new tips, and this was the one sport where I wouldn’t complain if my distance was lower, as long as I was focusing on the new technique. In 20 minutes I swam 850 yards, which is a 75 yard improvement!

Bike: My strategy for the bike this time was to crank out the miles, it always takes me 10-15 minutes before my RPMs (rotations per minute) can hold above a 90, which is frustrating. Since I’ve been going to plenty of spin classes I decided to keep the RPMs high and not worry about the resistance. This paid off as I was able to get 14.9 miles in 1 hour, a .4 mile improvement! Truthfully I’d like to get this higher, but I need more time in the saddle, I’m considering an indoor trainer, but haven’t bit the bullet on one yet.

indoor triathlon bikeRun: With the mild weather we’ve been having I ran outside A LOT in January. I decided to turn on the Couch to 10k app and do one of their workouts for the first 30 minutes of the 40 minute run, and it paid off. Each “run” portion I did a little bit faster than the one before, and I kept increasing my “walk” speed as well. I completed 3.27 miles, which was a .31 mile improvement.

Overall: I’m pumped that I increased my distance, I haven’t heard the date for the March indoor triathlon, hopefully it will be on the 1st or 15th so I can participate. However of the next 20 days, I’m traveling for 10 of them. So my endurance and workouts might fade a bit.

Thank you as always to the Brainerd Lakes YMCA for hosting this affordable and fun event!




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    • Thank you!!! My 1st tri may have been a bit too slow, if I can attend the March 1 event it will be interesting to see if I can keep up the advances!

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