Chance Chat 2015 #7: Dating Philosophy

I’m sure some people are sick of Valentines Day by now, but this is my space and while I’m single I’m sharing my dating philosophy for 2015. I’m not really sure what constitutes a “philosophy” but that’s what I’m calling it, so roll with it.

Dating Philosophy It’s been a while since I was in a serious relationship, and I prefer it that way. The dates I’ve gone on have been fun, and thankfully I don’t have too many horror stories. While I could be frustrated with random dates, and even more frustrated with plans that are never actually made…. (Men: if you say “we should go out” it is then your responsibility to make that plan, I am not your weekend scheduler). For the most part I just sit back and let things unfold as they’re supposed to. I’m not going to chase after someone hoping they’ll eventually be interested in me. I’d rather have fun doing what I like, and if someone likes being with me, wonderful!

Do you (or did you) have a dating philosophy?

*note: I am not saying that a girl can’t ask a guy out, I’m just saying if a guy initiates, I expect him to follow through if that’s what he really wants.

3 thoughts on “Chance Chat 2015 #7: Dating Philosophy

  1. I totally agree-don’t settle, don’t chase, don’t wonder, don’t cater, don’t be an afterthought amd never ever ever be someone’s “option”. I abide by both “the rules” (as hiliariously antiquated and cheesy as it is, the premise is still timeless) and “he’s just not that into you” and I tell my single friends to do the same-a lot less time wasted sitting, wondering and waiting for a call, a text, or a real invite to go on a real date-that he takea the time to thoughtfully plan.

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