Chance Chat #8: It’s Up To You

While I’m running the Princess Half Marathon this morning it is only fitting that today is a Disney quote! Pinterest has plenty of options for “Disney Quotes” but this one ultimately spoke to me.

It's Up To YouThis is a way of summing up my “Chance” word without saying it. I love the slow and steady road. However life doesn’t always have extra time to take it slow. Sometimes you just have to try. Push yourself. Take a leap. Your feet might find land, or you might be in the water, but if you know how to swim you’ll be just fine.

This week I saw a job opening for a position that I’ve considered in the past. After a quick update of my resume, I emailed the acquaintance who posted the opening, and while I haven’t heard back from her, I do plan on officially submitting my resume this week. Even if it doesn’t work out, I think it’s good to take that leap, see what happens.

Is there something you want to accomplish but haven’t given it a try?

One thought on “Chance Chat #8: It’s Up To You

  1. My move here to Colorado was a huge leap. My current leap is training for my first marathon with all of these hills and mountains to run. It challenges me every single time I lace up my shoes, but I also know it’s making my physically and mentally stronger. I am eager to hear about your half and the job possibilities! Happy margarita day!

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