Princess Half: 6 parks, 3 days, sore feet.

I’m doing Throwback Thursday….to just last week, and wish I was still there! Today I’ve got a recap for the 3 days we reserved for visiting the parks prior to race day. Some people wouldn’t recommend it as you want fresh legs for the race. But we wanted to get the full experience. At one point we considered going to the parks on Sunday after the race, but I am very glad we didn’t make that choice!



  • Highlight: the food/drinks in Epcot best quality for the park price. I bought wine in France as the price there $15 a bottle, whereas the wine available for purchase in our hotel was $18 for a half bottle.

Epcot France Selfie with Flat Stanley

  • Lowlight: We wanted to ride Soarin’ but didn’t care to wait in line for 2 hours, we thought if things worked out we could park hop back to Epcot that evening, or on Saturday.
  • Next Time: Visit multiple times as their food options were a 1000x better than the other parks.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom Fireworks

  • Highlight: short wait times late at night (10 pm-ish). We managed to ride Space Mountain twice in a row once waiting in the regular line, and then again using FastPass.
  • Lowlight: Arriving at 6 pm-ish was a mistake. Had we gone to the parks later, we could have had much shorter wait times, and done more in less time.
  • Next Time: take the time to call Disney before your trip so you can book rides/reservations appropriately using Fast Pass and the My Disney Experience app.


Hot ButterBeer SelfieUniversal Studios: (we did Islands of Adventure first).

  • Highlight: Harry Potter!!! I’ve been to the Islands of Adventure and ridden Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey before, it was just as spectacular as I remembered. We all explored Diagon Alley together where we enjoyed HOT Butterbeer!
  • Lowlight: You have to purchase the Express Pass to avoid long wait times. It’s an additional $60 per person which wasn’t worth it for our group, but if you had kids, I would consider it!
  • Next Time: Ride Hogwarts Express, the lines were too long to wait, but we didn’t arrive until 12:30 pm, had we arrived in the morning it could have fit into our day.



Expedition EverestAnimal Kingdom

  • Highlight: Expedition Everest: The decorations and details about the Yeti and culture were fun to look at while waiting in line for the roller coaster.
  • Lowlight: Dining Options….we ended up with the Disney version of McDonalds, for all their commitment to decorating each area as a different country, I wish they would have food similar to Epcot.
  • Next Time: I will probably skip AK, it was good to experience, but I love the other three parks, whereas this one is just “okay”.

Hollywood Studios

  • Highlight: Less crowds. After the hellish children filled crowds at Magic Kingdom, and the large tour groups at Animal Kingdom, the relative peace at Hollywood Studios was welcomed.

Sorcerer Mickey

  • Lowlight: Wait lines…while waiting for Tower of Terror I completely lost my patience for BS. The amount of people line cutting with poor excuses was pathetic. One woman said “I had to go to the bathroom” well that’s all well and good, but stand at the back of the line after you go like everyone else. It clearly says what the wait time is before you get in line, you should have an idea of how badly you have to go before you get in line. It would be one thing if you had told a cast member of your issue and had them escort you back to your original spot, but shoving ahead of other people is just rude.
  • Next Time: Prioritize Fast Passes to include Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Rollercoaster. They are the best part of Hollywood Studios. We weren’t able to ride Rockin’ Roller-coaster as it was 5:30 pm and a 2 hour wait.

This is part 2 of 4…To read part 1, click here. Part 3 and Part 4.


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