Chance Chat #9: On the Edge

Here’s a chance that I’d like to take….but I’m not quite sure it’s for me.

Kurt Vonnegut quote EdgeI am very comfortable in the center. I love the center, there’s plenty of people there, and its comforting. While the views may be exciting from the edge, I am not a fan of sweaty palms, or not knowing if I will sink or swim should I get pushed off the edge (and that’s assuming it’s water beneath me) I’m fairly certain I can’t fly.

I am hoping to venture a little farther out, but I’m going to take those steps one at a time.

Earlier this week I was watching a movie and a character said “I’m too good to stick around here” in which she was referring to her hometown. That quote I completely disagreed with. There is no such thing as “too good” even in her situation, she fought and hated her current state, while dreaming of another. I wonder if she had tried to find the good in her hometown if she would have been happier and ultimately gotten where she wanted to be faster.

Where are you at? Are you on the edge? Or are you comfortable in the middle with me?


One thought on “Chance Chat #9: On the Edge

  1. I’m with you on this! I like the comfy center, and am too scared to step near the edge. I’ve been thinking about looking for a new career path for a while now, but that thought is too scary. I get paid too well, I have too much flexibility, I have too nice of benefits, etc. Yep, I like the center!

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