2015 Race Plan (help me decide!)

With the Princess Half over I’m on to the next challenge! The biggest challenge being…..DECIDING. I’m not quite sure what my summer will look like, but I’ve got a few options…

2015 race plan

My biggest decision lies in Grandma’s Marathon. I completed it in 2013, and while my pace was slow and I was injured I think I could train smarter this time around. Less running, more biking and swimming.

Triathlon: I don’t want to lose my momentum from last year’s triathlon success. I volunteered at the Zorbaz Gull Lake Swim, and would love to do it this year, but I can’t decide on a distance. If I was doing Grandma’s Marathon, I would probably do the 1.2 mile just to save my endurance. However for $20 more dollars to do double the distance sounds good!

Woman Lake: The bike or run around Woman Lake requires some discussion with Emily. I would love to be able to stay at her parent’s cabin on Friday night before the race, but seeing as my birthday is April 30th, I would want to shower and go home after the race so I can celebrate the Kentucky Derby at Lonesome Pine.

AUGUST: I’ve had my eye on SuperiorMan for a long time. I’ve got quite a few friends in the Lakes Area Multisport team participating in Ironman Madison, so there should be plenty of opportunities for long swims/bikes/runs this summer, but again I can’t decide what distance to do. The prices I posted include the VIP package which allows you to switch course or defer, which is the way to go when you don’t completely know what your body is capable of and how training will go.

What races would you do? Is there a great race that I should be considering that I’m not already?





9 thoughts on “2015 Race Plan (help me decide!)

  1. Oh my goodness, you have so many great options. I love the grandma’s course, but selfishly I think you should just go ahead and do the Twin Cities marathon so I can meet you. 🙂 I definitely think you should do a tri since you have that mojo going from last summer. I would pick Duluth simply because I love the North Shore. I can’t wait to hear what you decide! I’m having the same troubles. I have a very small race budget and there are so many gorgeous races here that I want to do them all!!! But, so far I have the 10 mile race at Garden of the Gods, a 1/2 marathon in the mountains, and the TCM.

    • We should definitely meet up during TCM either way, I hopefully will be around (had a wedding and didn’t spectate last year).

      I did add up the race fees and its not pretty, but I have some money on hand right now, so it’d be the best time to pay for them cause they’ll only get more expensive!

  2. Good variety! I do the same thing – I plan it out both from a training perspective and budget wise:) And I agree with DeNae that you should do Twin Cities so I can meet BOTH of you!!! Or at least enter in for the 10 miler lottery! Keep us posted on what you decide:)

    • Yay!!! I did lottery 2 years ago and didn’t get in for TC 10 miler, last year I was signed up for the Looney challenge but ended up having a wedding and couldn’t attend, I will probably lottery again and hopefully my luck will change!

    • Yay! I’m sure your hubby will be speedy as usual, where do you guys usually stay?

  3. Oh that is a tough decision! If you have a good running base going right now, I’d say to go for the Grandma’s Marathon. But if you don’t have a good base, maybe find a marathon that is later in the year so you can make sure you have enough time to increase your mileage and really feel ready for the race?

  4. Grandma’s is a must! Let’s bring it back old school, reunite the pack with our more efficient training methods and kill it!

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