Mazatlan 2015 Recap

If you haven’t been to Mazatlan, Mexico before you really should! I’ve been going since I was in second grade (although not every year) and while the city is constantly changing, it is always a wonderful vacation.

We flew in on Saturday and unfortunately Sunday was overcast, which is a rarity. Although the fisherman didn’t seem to mind!

Mazatlan FishermanThis view is at the end of a 2.25 mile run from the hotel. There’s a great Looney Bean cafe that I haven’t actually gotten a drink from, only because I don’t want any gastro issues on the 2.25 mile run/walk back to the hotel (Torres Mazatlan).

Mazatlan Wine and FoodMy brother was feeling good on Sunday, but sadly wasn’t good the rest of the trip. We did get two good dinners out as a family. While at Water’s Edge I had some wine from Mexico and was very impressed, it was delicious! For those of you who aren’t fans of tequila/tropical drinks/beer have no fear, there was plenty of good wine to be had. Especially from Chile and Argentina.

Mazatlan SunsetWe were treated with some gorgeous sunsets, while this vacation wasn’t exciting, it was relaxing. Which I think is equally important.

forgotten garden kate mortonI read this book while I was gone. And LOVED IT! It spans across generations of women who all had less than ideal childhoods, but the end of the book was still satisfying. If you liked the Secret Garden as a kid, you need to read this book now!

Mazatlan SelfieWhile it’s great that Minnesota is having good weather. I’m not exactly pleased to be home/back to work. Hopefully I’ll have some fun this weekend to make up for being home already!


What are your plans for the weekend?

Do you prefer exciting vacations or relaxing ones?

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