Chance Chat #11: Waiting vs. Forgetting

Which is worse? Waiting or Forgetting?

painful suffering

How do you know if you’ve actually forgot? There are few things I would be okay with forgetting. But if I think about them occasionally, clearly they aren’t forgotten.

Waiting is something I am familiar with, and I do think it can be painful at times. However you can look at it two ways. Are you waiting for the storm to pass? Or are you waiting for happier times?

Last year was definitely a waiting for the storm to pass year.

This year I’m not painfully waiting for anything, but I am waiting for some new and exciting things.

What kind of waiting are you doing right now?

Or are you forgetting something?

One thought on “Chance Chat #11: Waiting vs. Forgetting

  1. i’m not sure i try to forget things as much as distract myself from them. maybe that’s kinda the same? things i don’t want to always have on my mind, but reflecting on them makes me remember something important, if that makes any sense. anyway! last year was more like that, and this year is just waiting – waiting- waiting (on that baby!)

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