Fueled By: Coffee, Scones, Croissants, and ClassPass.

Whew! Monday is almost over and its time to relax a little! My idea of relaxing is thinking about how wonderful my weekend was!

Friday night I was out late (okay 10 pm). Saturday at 7 I was up and going to meet friends for a 4 mile run followed by coffee and scones. If you’re in the Brainerd Lakes area and haven’t been to Stonehouse. You’re missing out.

barre bliss reflectionFrom Nisswa I drove down to Minneapolis, or specifically St. Louis Park. I was gifted a ClassPass trial for the month of March and was too busy the first half of the month to take advantage. This wonderful company/program came to Minneapolis in January and is the best thing if you like checking out new studios and classes all the time!

For my first class I tried Barre Bliss Basics at Barre Bliss, and loved it! I’ve taken a few Barre classes before, and loved the inclusion of yoga within the traditional barre workout. I was tweeting about my plan to attend class and was happy that a high school friend decided to join me! After class we stopped at Honey and Rye for coffee, and I had a croissant. Flaky on the outside, chewy on the inside, it was perfect.

honey and rye minneapolisFrom there I grabbed at quick shower at my friend’s apartment before heading into Uptown to meet a different friend for an afternoon beer. We ended up chatting for two hours, so I started heading north and checked in with Emily for how her evening was going….and ended up staying with her! We had a wonderful evening catching up, and then had a morning stroll to The Local Blend, where I had…coffee and an ALMOND croissant, which are made by the local monks (you can’t get more catholic than that). It was delicious, but super sweet, I was thankful for the walk back to her place to help me digest.

which wich firstAs if I hadn’t had enough carbs…we went to Which Wich for lunch, which was a first for me. I loved it, and will definitely be choosing it over Subway in the future. And when I say we…I was able to get together with the bloggers of…. Diary of a Semi-Health Nut, Life of a Diet Queen, More Than Just Dessert, and Racing Bananas. It was so great to see them!

which wich groupPhoto Courtesy of Kim.

What’s your go-to treat at a coffee shop? Ever been to Which Wich?


6 thoughts on “Fueled By: Coffee, Scones, Croissants, and ClassPass.

  1. Coconut Macaroons are definitely my favorite bakery treat, but they are pretty hard to find! you know what i mean, right? the white fluffy ones — not the brightly colored cookie-like ones? love them 🙂 but anyway, so glad you had a fun weekend down here and excited that you’re considering a permanent move 🙂

    • I DO know which ones you mean, those are delicious! I will have a full post on my moving/job info soon, but have to let some stuff play out first.

  2. What a fun weekend! I really like the idea of the ClassPass as it would be nice to do all kinds of different workouts. I’m working my way through a 10 class living social deal at barre studio by my condo but will have to look into that when I use up all my classes!

    I can’t eat most treats at coffee shops thanks to my gluten intolerance but I would definitely have a croissant if that was an option. That said, I do LOVE French macarons. I’m so glad they are gluten free! And there is a Which wich in my building but I haven’t gone as I don’t think they have GF bread… but I haven’t checked lately…

    • Which wich has salads/lettuce wraps, but I don’t think they have a gluten free bread…yet… I feel like all places will get closer and closer to that. Living social/groupon is also a great way to get discounted workouts! I’m not sure where I’ll be this summer, but by the fall I hope to have picked the best gym option for my time/money.

  3. I had no idea monks were bakers!! I think my favorite treat at coffee places is a biscotti. Of any flavor. Dangit now I want to bake!!

    • I don’t know that all monks are bakers…but apparently the local monks are bakers? Emily has the full details on the monks and nuns. Yum, biscotti, especially dipped in coffee is darn delicious!

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