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As I mentioned on Monday, I have a ClassPass trial for this month. Since I don’t live in Minneapolis/St. Paul at the moment (but might in the future) I want to try as many different areas and classes as possible! So I’ve taken work off Friday so I can maximize my time.

Athleta Sponsor Irongirl DuathlonFriday 9 am: Pilates Pro, at Pilates ProWorks in Edina (I think this class is on reformers which I have never tried).

  • 12 pm: Spin 45, at The Shed in Minneapolis (A spin studio I have heard a lot about, but haven’t been to, and am so excited to try!)
  • 2 pm: C2 at Corepower Highland Park (I’ve been to almost every Minnesota Corepower, this is a new to me studio).

Saturday: 7 am: Row and Flow, at Studio ME in St. Anthony West (so so pumped to try this one!)

  • 9 am: A10, at Alchemy in Warehouse District. (A friend of a friend just opened this, I’m terrified of the 10 minutes of crossfit style workout….)
  • 3 pm: Ryder – 45 minutes at Corepower Highland (yes I’m going back to the same studio, I’ll be interested to try Corepower’s version of spin which I haven’t done before).Pre Yoga SculptSunday 8 am: Open Barre, at The Barre in Edina. (I’ve got to go straight to church after this one, hopefully I can survive!)

I haven’t decided how many workout clothes I’m packing for the weekend, but I am planning on plenty of water bottles and larabars. I’m going to need fuel for this experience!

What style of class are you most interested in trying?

Any chance you’re in Minneapolis/St. Paul and want to join me?

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  1. This sounds like so much fun but unfortunately this weekend is so cram I can’t join anything… Let me know if you decide to come back down for other classes (I know you’re here all the time). I know OTF isn’t part of ClassPass right now, but if you ever want to join me let me know!

  2. Wow, that is a lot of workouts! But I can see why you want to maximize this pass! Looks like you’ll be fitting in a lot of great workouts! Of all of the studios you’ve mentioned, I’ve only been to Core Power, but not the location you are going to (I go to the one in Minneapolis on Washington Ave).

  3. Fun! I’m so jealous of all of these great fitness opportunities. I did orange theory with my mom. She goes every week and loves it. It was a great workout. I hope you’ll report back on which classes you liked the best. That ClassPass sounds fantastic!

    • I have heard so many amazing things about Orange Theory, if I move to the cities and there is one near me I think I’ll start with a subscription there because its new and different.

  4. Looking forward to read about what you think about Alchemy. I have been wanting something different and it is close to my office so have been considering it.

    • That is the one I am most nervous for! One of the owners is a friend of a friend so it will be interesting to see how my yoga-loving-self handles the 10 minutes of crossfit.

  5. Ah so many things about this post! 1) Yes you should move to Minneapolis πŸ™‚ 2) I LOVE THE SHED. I just bought packages there and cannot get enough! 3) That Pilates studio is right by my office…… call in sick on Friday??! πŸ™‚

    • Yay!!! I’m actually chatting with a friend from college about potentially living in the Lyn Lake area. I have to get the scoop on parking because there is NO WAY I’m not having a dedicated parking spot.

  6. Love the fitness adventure you’ve got ahead with all of those fun classes. Enjoy and have a blast! Would love to read a few reviews, if you ever write one up let me know, would be great to share! Happy fit crashing πŸ™‚

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