Chance Chat #12: Wait til Ready

Mixing it up again, this time with a Chance Chat where I dislike the second half, but agree with the first..

Wait til Ready Chance Chat“There is no such thing as ready.” FALSE. I’ve been ready and waiting for things, usually things that are out of my control in order for them to happen.

It IS a terrible thing to wait until you are ready. I think you can wait so long that fear will find a way to creep in, and doubt will convince you that the thing you wanted to do won’t happen successfully.

By waiting until you are 110% ready you might miss out on a lot of chances that could have been available to you sooner. Which is why……I’m applying for jobs. My current job is great, but will be ending this spring. I am considering a move to the twin cities, especially as there seem to be more job opportunities.

I am not ready to leave all my fabulous friends, and the relationships I’ve built in my hometown, but I don’t know if I’d ever been ready to leave those things. Even when I lived in Duluth I still managed to volunteer for the local Scholarship Pageant. And while I will have to step down as Director, I will do as much as I can for them, as long as I can.

Do you wait until your ready?

Or do you jump right in to the next best thing?


9 thoughts on “Chance Chat #12: Wait til Ready

  1. I think it kind of depends. And I think there are varying definitions of ‘ready’. A lot of my friend’s OBGYN’s have told them that they are never going to be ‘ready’ to have kids and that you just have to take the plunge and trust that you can figure things out as you go. I think that’s the case with a lot of things like marriage, changing jobs, moving, etc. But you can do a lot on your own to become as ready as you can be.

    That is exciting that you are considering moving to the Twin Cities! It seems like you’ve got a network of friends here so hopefully that would make for a smooth transition!

    In your last comment on my blog, you asked about the swim class I am taking – this link explains that class: It should be pretty fun/interesting, I think. I’m hoping that by the time it wraps up in late June, the local lakes will be warm enough for open water swims. I know how to swim pretty well but I am not fast so I am hoping this class helps me build some confidence!

    • thank you!!! I have trouble getting into the pool, and classes always help me, so I might be signing up for this as well!

  2. I am a jumper. Now that we have kids I have to have more ducks in a row to ensure that our family is well cared for, but we still jump together and deal with the consequences and revel in the unexpected joys together. It’ll be fun to see where this year takes you!

  3. you’re right. i think there is a definite moment when you know that you are meant to be doing something NOW. that feeling is both a curse and a blessing – it lets you know that you’re on the right path (if you care this much, then it must truly matter, right?) but it also does exactly what you said – fills you with fear that what you want might take awhile or, worst case, not come. you know what? dive in, keep hoping, and don’t settle when you know what you want 🙂

    • Such great advice! Now I just need to work on deciding and vocalizing what I want.

  4. I feel so nervous saying that you should move to the Twin Cities (even though selfishly I really want you to!), but I kinda think you need to keep looking for jobs closer to where you live. Yes, you will probably adjust and enjoy living in Minneapolis, but I don’t think you should do it because you feel like you should. If you have to because there are no jobs in your area and you need to move, that’s one thing. But don’t give up home because you think you’re supposed to.

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