Weekend ClassPass Results!

I survived!!! Over the course of 2 days I took 6 different workout classes via ClassPass. No two classes were the same, and I enjoyed each experience. I set up my schedule strategically, I wanted to try new things in the morning when I would be fresh, and had a few familiar class styles so I’d know how to modify as needed.

*for links to the studios, please refer to my introduction post here.

First up was: Pilates ProWorks: Best Challenge. While some moves were similar to Yoga Sculpt (which I’ve been teaching 3x per week for 2 years) the inclusion of the reformer was new. I was pushed and found that I’m not as strong as I hoped, but I definitely would take a few more classes to get used to the movements.

Classpass Pilates Proworks ReformerThe Shed: 45 Min Spin: Best Staff. Spin bikes are all a little different, and while I have an idea of how to fit myself, I took the offer of having the instructor fit me to the bike. Midway through class she had me switch bikes as mine was making a weird noise, I appreciated that she cared so much about my experience. (I also loved that they do different lighting throughout class which helped me dig deep and focus).

The Shed MinneapolisC2 at Corepower – Highland: Great Sweat/Soul: I’ve taken a few C2 classes and they’ve all been a bit different, which is why I wanted to put this class at the end of the day, if it was super tough I could listen to my body and hang in child’s pose, but if I connected with the class I could push it knowing it was my last thing of the day. Thankfully this instructor had a great attitude and found the perfect balance of pushing us while relaxing us.

I showered at Corepower, picked up my bike from its cleaning, and visited with my grandparents for a bit before heading to a late happy hour/dinner with a friend from college. I slept hard and was ready to go the next morning!

Row and Flow Studio MESaturday: Row and Flow at Studio ME:  Best “Different” class.  I didn’t have my phone with me in each class (as I find that super distracting) but I did snap a picture of the row machines. This was a class like I’ve never experienced, and the one that I most want to bring all my friends to. Located at Saint Anthony Main, Studio ME is tiny, but in the best way. The instructor was so personable, and her flow (yoga) was one of the best I’ve EVER had.

Alchemy: Best New/Trendy, I didn’t have much downtime from rowing to A10, but I’m glad I didn’t, as I might have talked myself out of it. This is a class that I wouldn’t recommend to people who are new to yoga or fitness in general. While everything is scalable, but the instruction is fast and the potential for injury is high. If you’re fit and looking for your next challenge, this is the class for you! I will be going again to try out their yoga classes, and maybe another A10 class when I can give it my all and not be sore from prior workouts.

Corepower Ryder Sweaty SelfieRyder – Corepower Highland: Best Music. Excuse the terribly sweaty selfie, but this class was effective!!! I loved the energy, and the challenge of having the bikes tilt as you lean, while the music was good in every class I took, this class really took advantage of the 45 minutes and inspired us to make the time count!

What class would you have liked best? Have you ever been on a reformer?

I’m hoping to come down on Saturday afternoon and take a few classes on Sunday, so if you’d like to join me, let me know!




8 thoughts on “Weekend ClassPass Results!

  1. That sounds like so much fun! Nice job going to all of those classes. Right now I’m getting back into Spin, but I’m hoping to try out a few other fun classes at my new gym.

    • Last winter I was so good about going to spin on tuesday mornings, now I just can’t get myself there. Hopefully I’ll get some long bike rides soon instead!

  2. Dang girl! You fit so much into one weekend but that is so awesome that you could make the most of your classpass. I am thinking about signing up but I think I’ll wait until after the Y swim class ends as I don’t think I can get there often enough on top of run club to justify the cost. You took a wide variety of classes! The one I’m most curious about is that Row & Flow one!

    • That’s the one I want to send all my friends to! It was such a great class, although the 7 am start time was a little tough for Saturday morning.

    • I’m thankful my grandparents live in the cities and I can crash with them! Although I wasn’t able to go to church with them on Sunday morning because I had to get back up north. I’m hoping to take another couple classes this weekend, but think I’ll be getting a hotel room so that I can do what I want without feeling like I’m using space without being a good guest.

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