March 2015 Recap

Happy Monday Friends! I’ve got a great post coming for you on Wednesday, but until then, I want to make sure you’ve got all the good stuff from March covered!

My Disney World trip with college friends might be my highlight of 2015, I’m sure other good things will come, but those were 5 awesome days.

cinderella selfieI officially registered for the SuperiorMan 41.5 with VIP, so I can defer to 2016 or go up to the 70.3 depending on how my training goes. I really, today, hopefully.. am going to register for Grandma’s Marathon as well. ahh! 26.2 round two!

My family vacation to Mazatlan, Mexico wasn’t the best due to illness, but the four of us will be in Florida at the end of April, so hopefully that time will be more fun and healthy.

johnny kissy selfieI blogged three times about ClassPass here, here, and here. I still have one post to come that includes a pro/con list for those contemplating the switch. For the record, they didn’t pay me to talk about them, but they did give me one month free.

I didn’t take any pictures this weekend, but I had a fabulous time. Lunch with multisport friends, the favorite things event with the Minnesota Bloggers, a drink with one of my good high school friends, more drinks with another friend, and my last ClassPass experience (for now). I spent Sunday afternoon blissfully alone and could not be happier with how life is going these days.

What was your favorite thing about March? Do you have big Easter plans?

7 thoughts on “March 2015 Recap

  1. You had a busy March! Will this be your first Grandma’s Marathon? Even if you’ve done it before that’s an awesome achievement! It was lovely meeting you at the event this weekend! I can’t wait to get to know you more through you blog and future events.

  2. I’ll be interested in your pro/con ClassPass post! I’m still thinking about signing up, but not until July after my tri swim class it over…

    I think the best part of March was PR’ing at my 10 mile race!

  3. My favorite thing about March was the someone FINALLY accepted one of our house offers. I’m hopeful that my favorite thing about April will be closing on that house. 🙂

  4. Holy cats! You are a rock star! Just the thought of putting my feet in lake superior gives me goosebumps! Good luck! You will do great!

    • I have a sleeveless wetsuit, so I’m not completely crazy….but I probably will need a visit or two to Duluth to practice in that darn water. Or maybe I just want to live in denial until I jump off the cruise ship? hmmm….

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