ClassPass Pro Con List!

I was gifted a 1 month trial of ClassPass Minneapolis/St. Paul, they came to the area back in January, but with my dance schedule, I asked to wait until March, and they kindly agreed! I am not being paid for this review, and the opinions are my own. No company talking points were given!

Here are the things I LOVED about ClassPass.

classpass pro1. Corepower Monthly Unlimited in Minnesota is at $190 right now. OUCH! I love yoga, but I don’t love yoga at that price.

2. While the Pilates ProWorks experience I had was my least favorite of the 8 classes I took, I do want to go again, even if its just to be slightly less dysfunctional in the class. (I seriously thought I was coordinated until that hour of my life).

3. I loved the App, I loved looking at classes and checking out new studios, and seeing what I could fit into my schedule. Also, the app can go off your location, so if you’re out on a Saturday afternoon it can show you the closest studios!

4. I loved that I did so many different kinds of classes at different places. I wish I had gotten to The Shed a few more times, and I will be paying for my own Studio ME class so I can do Row and Flow again.

But It Isn’t All Sunshine….

classpass con1. The 3x per month rule makes perfect sense….for the businesses. I could go to The Shed (which has one location) 3 times per month. I could also go to Corepower Downtown 3 times per month, but I couldn’t go to Corepower Uptown another 3 times. I could switch it up and go to Downtown twice and Uptown once.

2. As a yoga instructor, I’ll share a secret….we LOVE our regulars. Students that we connect with and can see week after week. It’s nice working out with people you know, and people who trust you. New people are great! But I really like familiarity.

3. If you sign up for class, and then can’t make it, you can hit with a cancellation fee. Now, you could just wait to sign up at the last minute. But if you want to be certain you get a spot, you must register.

I may have YOLO’d (are we still saying this?) a bit on Saturday night and did not get outta bed for the 8am Yoga Sculpt class I intended on taking. I should have cancelled Saturday afternoon when I was considering going out, but I didn’t meet up with my friends until 10 pm, and I really did think I’d be in bed by Midnight.

4. The Twin Cities is awesome, but for the most part, it requires transportation. Depending on where you live and work, there might not be enough ClassPass studios for the membership to make sense.


I intentionally had the Pros and Cons equal, whether or not you choose ClassPass depends on your preferences. The same can be said for any other type of unlimited service.

Will I be buying ClassPass? Probably. It depends on where I’m living this summer/fall but I loved the variety and there are plenty of classes that I haven’t tried yet.



10 thoughts on “ClassPass Pro Con List!

  1. If you live near St. Louis Park I highly suggest going to Haute Barre. It was one of my favorite studios for barre.

    • Thank you!! I haven’t been to Haute Barre yet, but it is on my list, I have a friend who lives super close, so I bet I’ll get there soon!

  2. Holy canasta. I did not realize CPY was $190/month! Who can afford that/justify that kind of cost? That is just nuts to me!! I love love love CPY but I could never justify that price tag!

    I am tempted to try Class Pass but I need to wait until July when my swim class is over. I like that I could bike around to different class locations in the summer. I think it’d be great to have in the winter, too, as I run way less but I hate driving SO MUCH!!!

    • Definitely wait, if anything, do it in the fall when you can still get a run/walk before or after class.

  3. I’ve been debating getting a Classpass because I really am curious and want to try out new classes. Just to see what they’re like. I do think for yoga (since I’m looking into it) I’d like to try and find a smaller more personal studio and become a regular, but keep the class pass for fun random classes. Your pros and cons definitely gave me some things to think about though!

    • Definitely get a solid base in yoga before hopping from studio to studio. Every instructor is different and its important to know the basics before you’re jumping into a different thing each day.

  4. love how honest your reviews are! they offered me the pass, but it didn’t offer any prenatal yoga — so that was an out! a negative, but only for a small group of people i suppose. the other problem i had was with the studio timing – i tend to like to go to the closer ones, and it’s hard when you can only go at certain times. the idea is fun though 🙂

    • I would LOVE to get a prenatal certification in the future. The one thing that bugs me about the studios (I’m not sure if its true at big box gyms as I haven’t been) is that the customers all tend to be pretty small/fit. I wish there were more classes for beginners, or more legitimate modifications.

  5. I did a week trial (before Core Power was on– darn!) and found the canceling issue really stressful. I get why they have to do it, but with four kids there is just too much probability that someone will have to stay home from school. It IS hard to beat those prices though!

    • With kiddos factoring into a schedule the cancellation is stressful. Thankfully not many of the Minneapolis studios seem to totally fill up and can handle the last minute walk in.

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