Chance Chat #14: Interrupted Easter

Happy Easter Friends! My family doesn’t have big plans, so I think we will be laying low today, however I thought it was appropriate to have my Chance Chat for this week be something with a biblical reference. (the original post is linked by clicking on the photo)

Interrupt Lives She Reads TruthI like having a schedule, I like knowing what my week is going to bring. But that doesn’t always happen. At 11 am on Monday the internet went out at my work. While there’s plenty of paperwork I can do without the internet…I do need it for many of my job activities. It was a definite interruption, it wasn’t anyone’s fault, but it was frustrating to call the service provider 6 times, and have multiple visits from the IT company. I was back up and running by noon on Wednesday, and my desk will still be overflowing when I go back to work tomorrow, but the interruption wasn’t the end of the world.

The She Reads Truth post talks about hospitality, and that is something I’m learning about more and more. I’ve been boldly asking, not necessarily to stay with people, but to get together with them. People on the periphery, someone I might see occasionally, but would like to see more often. 99% of the times that I’ve taken that step out of my comfort zone, I’ve been met with a successful meet up. While there was someone that wasn’t able to get together, I know she and I will be seeing each other more often.

It’s important to remember: by allowing these small interruptions, beautiful things could happen.

One thought on “Chance Chat #14: Interrupted Easter

  1. I am definitely not great at handling interruptions as I am such a planner. It is something that I need to work on as I am just not very flexible. I think I have lived alone and had complete control of my schedule for so long! I have the biggest problem when something interrupts my ability to work out!

    Hope you have a Happy Easter!

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