VivoFit vs. Fitbit Flex (oh the debate).

First…once again, I am not being paid for this review. I was allowed to borrow a VivoFit and Fitbit Flex from Verizon to experience their wearable technology, and I chose the two devices I have been debating buying for over a year!

Here’s what I thought originally…..

vivofit vs fitbitKeeping track? That’s a tie. While not everyone gets the opportunity to wear the devices at the same time, I am so glad I could.

Technology: I have no need for another device that tells me that someone is calling me, or that I’ve received an email.So the upgraded versions from both companies aren’t enticing to me.

Daily Steps:  With a desk job I knew I wasn’t moving much, but having the encouragement to hit the daily goal was helpful. I think it will especially help next winter when I no longer want to walk outside (it sure is easy right now with the decent weather!)

garmin vs fitbitFitness Classes: None of the classes I took during my ClassPass trial showed up on either device. Yoga Sculpt gives me about 3 active minutes according to Fitbit. And doesn’t make a huge difference in steps.

Calories Burned: The numbers were similar, but slightly different. I really don’t trust them.

Which would I buy? Fitbit Flex. The silent alarm got me. I wear a watch regularly so I don’t NEED the clock on the VivoFit (although I still do like the option). And I will still wear my Garmin 910 XT when running/swimming/biking.

Now if Garmin comes out with a device that does daily tracking, alarm, and swim/bike/run, I’ll buy it (dollars permitting). But I don’t think technology is quite there yet.

What wearable technology do you have / debate buying?


6 thoughts on “VivoFit vs. Fitbit Flex (oh the debate).

  1. I had the flex, but got tired of wearing something on my wrist that wasn’t a watch. I also didn’t love that if I had my hands pushing something (like when shopping or golfing with my push cart) I lost out on steps. I was thinking about getting the Charge HR because it seemed fun to have an idea about heart rate, but ultimately I gave my flex to my mom as an early Mother’s Day gift and went with the good ole fitbit Zip. I have heard that it is one of the most accurate out of the trackers, I like the lower price, and it’s easily hidden, yet I can still make it visible if I’m wanting to talk to patients about increasing activity.

    • Good to know! My mom and I were planning on both getting the flex, but if it won’t track when she is pushing Johnny in the wheelchair it wouldn’t make much sense for her.

    • I considered trying a Jawbone also, but having three gadgets on my arm seemed like overkill. I do love the look of the UP though!

  2. I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as a Vivo! I like the idea of having a FitBit but I don’t think I would really use it enough to make it worth the purchase. My iPhone has an ap that sort of tracks my steps, although I don’t know how accurate it is. I mostly care about how far I run and bike each week, and my Garmin works pretty well for that!

    • Hmmm, I didn’t know iphone could track steps. The vivo is a great option, especially the newer ones!

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