Spring Style: Job Hunting and Adventure

Spring in Minnesota is a funny thing. You can wear sundresses, but you best have boots, sweaters, scarves and jackets to make it work. The last three years I’ve worked in a small town family business where I haven’t had to get really dressed up. I like the laid back option, but I’m ready for a change.

spring style job hunting adventureThe SHOES: Slip on and all black, maybe people won’t notice I’m wearing a glorified sneaker?

The BACKPACK: I’m considering getting my MBA starting this fall, and I’ve got an adventure trip planned for the summer. Since I haven’t bought a backpack in over 10 years, its time for a new one.

The HAT: I’m super into the idea of a big floppy hat, and love the idea that this is foldable.

The JACKET: Already purchased and love it!! Super warm and long so if I’m sitting on a bus I won’t need to worry about my pants/skirts getting dirty.

The DRESS: Also available on Nordstroms.com in Navy, which might be a better wear anywhere option.

What’s on your shopping list for this spring?

If you wear dresses to work….do you wear nude tights/nylons with them? It seems old lady-ish, but also possibly necessary?

P.S. Check out the “My Style” board on Pinterest to see what else I’m dreaming of.


20 thoughts on “Spring Style: Job Hunting and Adventure

    • Don’t buy the bike until it’s perfect. The dress I don’t own, but man I would like to!

  1. I wear a dress or skirt almost every day to work (commercial real estate office, downtown mpls) and other than tights now and then in the winter, I go bare legged. I very rarely see women with traditional ‘hose’ and if I do, they are indeed old-ladyish and on what I would consider frumpy throw back ladies. Tights in all colors and patterns seem to be the new normal for cool weather leg covering. Currently wearing: an above the knee orange tribal patterned sundress with a cognac leather belt,matching boots and orange cardigan. SPRING IN MINNESOTA indeed.

      • My office might be-we currently have a temp in accounting who just started last week and I think as we gain more properties, we will have to hire someone. I will put feelers out and let you know.

  2. I can’t wait for some actual spring like weather around here in Boston! I love springy dresses and I’m pumped to shop for some spring-like booties and cute dresses for a trip to Europe I’m taking in May! I agree with what Stephanie said- seems like fun tight colors are the new thing. I wouldn’t wear nude hose anymore… I think they are a little outdated and I’d replace them with a fun tight or leggings now a days!

    • Thanks for stopping by Brooke! I definitely need a new pair of booties, what a great option for a European trip! What countries are you going to?

    • Definitely uncomfortable, hopefully I’m not at an overly formal office in the future!

  3. I wear dresses on the regular but I also work with 9 year olds so it’s important to still be playful with my fashion choices. Bright tights, fun patterns, or bare legs when it’s warm enough that I can get away with it is what I do on the daily.

    • Hooray for dresses! I think I need to start investing in some good tights.

  4. My my office it is unwritten that one must wear tights until April. I’m looking for a new swim suit this year. Haven’t purchased one in years! Also I need a few more skirts 🙂

    • Tights until April I can get behind. I got a great pencil skirt from old navy, just the right amount of stretchy, I also got a good black skirt from aloft, but it has flowers in the hem, so it’ll be a spring/summer/early fall skirt. I love when clothes can go all four seasons.

    • I know right?! Going back to classes and homework shouldn’t be because I have a cute backpack, but a cute backpack never hurts!

  5. Oh I love that dress! I am looking for a springy dress for some upcoming weddings and something like that would be perfect!

    I wear dresses and skirts all the time for work. I wear tights in the fall/winter when it’s too cold for bare legs but once the weather warms up, I have bare legs. I work in a super conservative industry (finance) and none of the women wear hosiery of any sort!

    • I’m really into dresses with sleeves this year. Last year I wore cardigans to most weddings (church air conditioning can be pretty extreme) so I’m hoping buy having sleeves I don’t need to bother with the extra layer.

  6. okay, so don’t tell, but i actually got the cutest black slip-on sneakers from payless for like $12 — i also got them in stripe, because, well, $12! also: excited for your big adventure this summer, and wishing you luck on that mba! even more important — move here quick!!

    • $12!!!! I’ve gotta get to pay less! I really hope I move quick, its all job dependent at this point. And I had dance tryouts today and would have 18 girls to coach if I stay.

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