Lilly for Target: Multicolor Lessons

I kept quiet about my plans until the last minute, but I’m pretty pumped about my Lilly Pulitzer for Target purchases. You may have seen on my instagram/twitter/facebookpage that I did indeed make it to the store. And I was in the first person in line (which does not mean that I got everything I wanted).

lessons from the lilly pulitzer target collaboration

Here is my overall assessment of the collection/experience.

1: Quality: Much lower. Obviously lower than full price Lilly Pulitzer (which was expected), but also lower quality than some of Target’s in-store brands.

2. Selection: Online: If you were surprised that there were website issues, I don’t know what to say to you. No one is perfect, and that was bound to happen. They could have done an online waiting room like they do for concert tickets, but technology will keep evolving. This year they had the mobile site and the regular site to keep up and running, it was bound to have some issues.

In Store: Meh. I was at a small Target, so I was happy with what I was able to purchase. However, others were really hoping for swim suits. I would have liked some shoes or jewelry. But you win some you lose some.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target

3. Sizing: Dresses: True to Lilly sizing. I wasn’t surprised by this, and may have to take in the shoulders of the dresses I bought.

Tank Tops: Generous sizing. I thought about putting them back, but realized I could give as gifts or sell to friends (not for a profit) so I’m holding on to them.

4. Reselling: I had no intentions of buying to resell. However….I grabbed 3 sizes of the two dresses I wanted. I also grabbed two different tank tops (but only in the size I thought I was). So now I have 4 dresses and 2 tank tops to sell or return. All returns must be done within 14 days of purchase.

5. Accessories: In a whirl I grabbed all the nail polish colors, because I figured it was an easy gift, or something I could use. But it was an expensive grab, so we will see what I do with those.

Were you aware this was going to happen? Were you surprised it happened?

Let’s talk about it!!

P.S. There is a regular price Lilly Dress that I have my eye on too!

5 thoughts on “Lilly for Target: Multicolor Lessons

  1. So glad you had a good haul! I am also glad to hear that the dresses wear TTS. I only ordered one size for each of the dresses I wanted (I am either brave or an idiot) and I based that sizing off of what I wear in Lilly and what I wear in Merona/Mossimo. I felt like the truth would be somewhere between the two. Happy Pink Sunday!

    • I actually was able to grab three sizes in the store of each dress. I planned on putting the two sizes that didn’t work on the rack, but then the people in the store standing by the rack were actively planning their reselling for profit. So I decided to buy them, and sell to friends not for profit if anyone wants. With a 14 day return policy, I figured someone may get a really happy accident next week.

  2. I knew about the LP collection and figured it would be successful but the craziness that things like this brings out of women always takes me aback because I do not have that crazy shopping gene. I saw footage of women shoving tons of things in their carts… things like this seem to bring out the worst in people at times! That said, I am glad that you snagged a couple of fun things!

    • Haha thank you! Since I was the first person in line I set the tone for our store, with everyone person that came up I smiled and said “Hi! are you excited? What are you looking for?” I was having none of that mean girl business. (I had already seen the mob photos from the east coast).

  3. Look at you go!! I head the sizing was a bit funky for some and definitely thought the materials or quality would be off. We didn’t luck out in store or online but maybe I’ll save up for a true lily piece. Or maybe just a scarf 🙂

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