Looking Over: Cosmopolitan.com

This might be a blogging no-no, but I’m sharing anyways!

Here are my favorite things on Cosmopolitan.com lately.

For Work7 Things a Professional Should Never Do on Social Media

Some of these should be obvious, but it’s always good to get a reminder!

For Play: Disney and R&B Mashup Videos. Love love love.

run disney signMy feelings for Disney are strong, this shouldn’t be new information.

For Future: 16 Female Senators Give Advice

  • I’m a little annoyed they didn’t equalize the party representation, not because I identity as a Republican but 2 quoted Republicans vs 14 quoted Democrats seems silly.

“Quit trying to analyze every little angle of it. Just do it. And if you fail, this place is filled with people who have had failed elections or failed parts of their life.” – Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.)

P.S. Want to see the time I disagreed with Cosmo? My bachelorette party tips.


One thought on “Looking Over: Cosmopolitan.com

  1. disney and rap mash-ups are my favorite! i have a pandora station that’s country hits + broadway musicals (often disney) + nelly <3 so i guess it would be a little more awesome if the rap/disney musicals could get a little country, but i'll take what i can get 🙂

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