Chance Chat #17: Perfect Age

I’m generally not one of those birthday people…but this year you’re getting a couple posts on the topic!

candlesI never thought I’d have kids by 25. But I used to put a lot of pressure on 30. Its a nice round number when I thought I would have all the answers. Now I’m realizing that probably won’t be true. And that is okay. Heck, it might be preferred. I’m finding that the longer I wait to cover certain milestones, the more I get to do with my time/life.

How do you handle birthdays? Do you dread the extra number? Or do you celebrate all the life you’ve accomplished so far?

P.S. I still am working on my 30 by 30 list. However it hasn’t taken a front row seat in my blog plans.

9 thoughts on “Chance Chat #17: Perfect Age

  1. hm… i was planning to get married at 35 or so, maybe or maybe not have kids, and focus on a career. guess we can’t predict the future :)))

  2. I thought I would be married in my 20s and have kids in my early 30s… So things didn’t quite turned out like I thought they would but there are lots of things that have happened that I never imagined like the trips to Paris and other adventures I’ve had. I didn’t have a hard time turning 30 but some of these ‘mid-30s’ birthdays have been a little tough for me as I am getting closer and closer to the age where having children is becoming a little less likely or more challenging. But I just try to trust that it’s all going to work out the way it should and when I get down, I try to focus on all the wonderful things in my life!

    • The “clock” is such a hard factor to consider, that is still a woman specific issue, so I completely feel you there. But I think the experiences are so important. I have an aunt who’s not married (and no kids), and two aunts that are married (but no kids) and I see them having full lives, so I hope for both of us, that whatever happens will happen, and we will find the things and people that work best for us. Also, society is becoming more and more understanding (so many word choices there) for single mothers, so if either of us did want to go that route, it is more possible these days.

  3. I was never one who really worried about my age or getting older. I had friends in their 30s and it just didn’t seem like a big deal to me…then my sister turned 30 this past year and I started seeing things a bit differently and started to feel like I need to have answers to all of life’s unanswered questions. Some days when things get hard with 50 States, I feel like I’m “missing out” or putting myself “behind” because I have this year of my life when I’m not “doing anything to progress myself” (i.e. – dating or working a “real” job). Thankfully I have some amazing friends to talk me down from those moments and remind me that what I am doing right now is a part of my journey and those things will all still be there when this year is over!

    • Oh definitely feel free to reach out to me in those moments. I think its great that you’re taking this time away from the “real job” life. If anything, this will be a chance to put yourself in a new place and give you better career trajectory.

    • That’s exactly how I feel. I’ve never freaked out reaching milestones, but now that I am over 40, I think “holy man, how did I get here and what have I accomplished- I need to take care of myself so after the child rearing is done, I am in good enough health that I can do this, see this, learn this, experience this, and enjoy it.”

  4. I turn 30 in August and I’m sort of wondering how turning 30 will change things. I’ve accomplished a few things on the “expected achievements” list. I’m married. I own a house. But I still don’t have an established career and we don’t really have a good sense of when we’ll have kids (I keep saying “next year” but I’ve been saying that for about two years now so….). But overall I think I’ll survive entering my thirties relatively unscathed.

  5. I am enjoying 29 and not feeling any pressure or insecurity about turning 30. Who knows where this year will take me?! I’m open to whatever may come and setting new goals. I think a few new developments may already be in the works 😉

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