This is 27.

Here’s what the morning of a 27 year old looks like…

  • waking up at 6:30 for a slow run.
  • drinking coffee with a homemade marshmallow
  • doing two loads of laundry
  • not cleaning my room

This is 27 Birthday Run

I’m not sure if that is winning the almost 30 game, or if I’m holding strong to childhood. (never mind the fact that I’m still living at my parents house).

I had promised a music post this week, but, it’s my party and I’ll wait until next week if I want to.

I had my birthday dinner on Sunday night, so today will be low key as I have a Great Aunt’s funeral in a few hours. Although I may go out in the evening. I do have plans for Saturday to celebrate the Kentucky Derby! I’ve got one of my Lilly for Target dresses and a big floppy hat all ready to go!

How do you celebrate your birthday?

17 thoughts on “This is 27.

  1. Happy Happy Birthday!! I LOVE coffee with marshmallow – perfect birthday morning drink! I hope you write about your Kentucky Derby celebration – complete with a picture of you in that floppy hat! Love it!

    • Thank you! And yes, there will be some sort of derby coverage next week!

    • I shockingly did not have wine on my birthday. But I will be fixing that problem this weekend!

  2. I’m impressed that you were up at 630 on your birthday for a run. DEDICATION. I hope you had a wonderful day and celebrate to your hearts content on Saturday looking all fly and fancy!

    • The dedication lasted one day, this morning I laid in bed and missed the window to run, although I did do a Jillian Michaels work out…I love to hate her.

  3. Happy birthday!! Your day sounds like it got off to a great start! That’s how I’d want to start my day! I hope that the year to come is a great one for you!!

  4. aww katie, hope you had a wonderful birthday! also, homemade marshmallow in the coffee? sounds like something i should try 🙂 maybe when we meet?? also, i can’t wait for pictures of you in your lily gear celebrating the derby!

    • Yes! That would be wonderful! I haven’t made Marshmellows (I’m afraid of the candy thermometer) but my aunt assures me it isn’t that difficult. She makes a batch for Christmas and I save them for special occasions.

    • It wasn’t memorable, but I’m okay with that. I wouldn’t want huge memories that I have to try and “top” next year.

  5. Happy birthday! I celebrated my 27th just a few days before yours. Your post made me smile because I, too, am currently living with my parents while I finish some work on my condo. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    • Happy Belated Birthday!! I wish I had a condo that was getting some work, but I decided to invest the next two years into an MBA program instead. Hopefully it pays off!

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