Derby Darlings

As promised: here’s a recap of my Derby festivities.

derby julepWhile my horse BOLO wasn’t the winner, he came out too fast at the start, had he paced himself maybe things would have gone differently. What’s that? I’m not an equestrian expert? That must be the bourbon talking.

I partook in exactly one Mint Julep, and loved every strong sip of it. The trick to enjoying it this year was a mint infused simple syrup. My hat was purchased on Etsy via Properly Southern.

derby hatI also stayed up and watched the Mayweather – Pacquiao fight. I was rooting for Pacquiao for no good reason, and I did not come up a victor. But I woke up on Sunday feeling pretty good, just a little tired, so I call the weekend a success!

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9 thoughts on “Derby Darlings

    • Now that you mention it….it’d be really fun to have a derby themed wedding! (not in actual theme, but in that the reception social hour could be during the race and everyone could watch…) I also love the idea of a New Years Eve wedding.

  1. It sounds like you had a pretty fun weekend! I loved your derby wear. I wanted to try a mint julep and did not succeed this year – boo 🙁

    • Ah man! If you like strong drinks you’ll probably like it, but for real, the mint infused part of the simple syrup takes a little advanced planning, but was so worth it.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! My husband loves mint juleps, but I prefer mojitos…I know they are not derby-appropriate, but that’s ok! Love the hat!

    • Mojitos are amazing! The bar I was at was making those also, rules are meant to be broken!

  3. You’re adorable!

    I watched both the derby & the fight and alas was not victorious in either as well. I was rooting for the guy in the pink & polka dots in the derby, which came in 2nd! See, all you really need to do is judge a wardrobe instead of the actually game. 😉

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