Chance Chat #19: Fairytale Truth

I struggled coming up with a Chance Chat for this week, and I considered re-writing my post from last week or at least editing it, but for now it remains untouched….ANYWAYS.

This week’s choice is completely different than anything I’ve done before. I considered a Mother’s day quote, but none of them seemed quite right especially in relation to my One Little Word for 2015 “Chance”.

marriage is a fairytale someecard We don’t know how things will finish. We can plan all we want, work as hard as possible, and the end is still a mystery. Also, where you choose to end your story can alter the entire feeling of what takes place.

What if the story ends at Midnight? Cinderella is back in her rags, the Prince is searching for a woman who doesn’t exist, and the Stepmother and her daughters continue to be awful.

What if the story extends past Happily Ever After? Does the Stepmother change her ways and become nice? Or is she banished while the sisters recognize the error in their ways and become friends with Cinderella?

Chance, especially in taking a chance, means to see the story out. Don’t close the book, but instead let things play out and see if they can become something more/different.

If the story ended right now what would the theme be? If you let it play out longer would the theme change?

4 thoughts on “Chance Chat #19: Fairytale Truth

  1. That’s a tough question to answer. In most areas of my life, the story would be, “and she was content and happy” except in regards to my career as I have really struggled over the past year to figure out what makes me happy and what I can do for the next 30 years (GULP).

    I am really content with my relationship right now. I think it has helped to be one of the last people in my group of friends to marry because I think I have more realistic expectations about what long term relationships and marriage are truly like. I do sometimes struggle with not comparing my relationship to others or to that ‘fairy tale’ standard but that is something I am working on!

  2. i remember thinking a lot of these same things – thinking about what i wanted for my future, wondering how i’d get there, and then contemplating what to do if it all worked out entirely different than i planned. well… things worked out *much* differently than i ever imagined, but it was definitely for the best. i guess there is joy in just accepting and seeing what happens!

    • I feel you there, and I definitely think you’ve got “overcoming the odds” in your future!

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