Where To? NYC! (Recommendation Request)

Hello from New York!! You may remember that last year my mom and I traveled here together for a few workouts and sight seeing. This year we’ve brought my brother along so we can go to Aladdin on Broadway with him!

Mother Daughter at the Brooklyn Bridge

You may not be aware that my brother only walks short distances, so we will be hopefully continuing our trend of 13+ miles per day of walking in the town, while pushing his wheelchair.

Barney in Concert

But the real point of this post….We’re looking for food recommendations! We aren’t terribly fancy, just looking for some new things. Here’s last year’s food post.

Breakfast: coffee, bagels, no need for huge breakfasts.

Last Year: Loved Alice’s Tea Cup and Murray’s.

Lunch: Salad, pizza, not burgers (we are from the midwest and get plenty of them).

Last Year: Stopped at a random Italian spot after walking from the Brooklyn Bridge to Soho.

Dinner: Anything! We tend to do appetizers/small plates and share, so no steak houses with huge side dishes.

Last Year: Loved the huge menu of The Smith and had some surprisingly great food at the Tommy Bahama restaurant.

12 thoughts on “Where To? NYC! (Recommendation Request)

  1. My favorite places in NYC (and I have a lot of them): Matilda (Mexican/Italian fusion), L’Asso (pizza), Papatzul (Mexican), Max Brenner’s (chocolate! Plus actual food), Brick Lane Curry House (Indian), Fig and Olive (Mediterranean), and Shake Shack (yes, burgers, but they also have their version of a blizzard that is THE ACTUAL BEST). I don’t know if those really match what you’re looking for, but those are some of my favorite places.

    You can google where those places are and see if any of them are near where you’ll be. 🙂 And I know you said you didn’t do big brunches, but Sarabeth’s has legendary brunches and in really good locations.

    • I was going to email you, but thought this way I could also get other people’s ideas, thank you!!! Sarabeth’s popped out during my research and we did walk past one yesterday afternoon, there is a chance we will be going there at some point!

  2. Mmmm one of my favorite city’s! How fun! Well you already went to Murray’s so you beat me to the bunch but Black Seed Bagels would be another good bagel joint. For dinner; Carmine’s has amazing Italian food! Gosh I don’t know where else we went this most recent trip but there is good food everywhere, good thing for all that walking or I’d of gained like15 pounds! Have fun!

    • Black Seed is on my list!! We got in yesterday and walked 5 miles, which meant pizza at Eataly and cheesecake from Whole Foods (the gelato line was crazy at Eataly and Whole Foods is right outside our hotel)

  3. Oh fun! Have the best time! A couple of places I’ve been to that I loved are Fig & Olive, Pastis (really cute French place in the meatpacking district), and Tom Colicchio’s restaurant, Colicchio and Sons. Colicchio & Sons has a front room that had really reasonably priced dishes and delicious cocktails so that would be a good place to go for dinner. Plus I think they changed their menu recently and the plates are smaller and meant for sharing.

    Have so much fun!!!!!

    • Colicchio & Sons I will definitely look into. You’re the second person to recommend Fig and Olive, so hopefully we can work that one into the trip too!

    • I’m trying to convince my mom that Shake Shack is a good idea…hopefully we’ll get the chance to at least get a mid afternoon shake there!

    • Thank you!!! Yes we have a lot of fun traveling together, my dad decided not to come with us because he knows how much we love to walk around and explore.

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