Chance Chat #20: Failure

I hold on to things. For a day longer than forever. I recently threw away a sweatshirt from 6th grade that I hadn’t worn in over 10 years. It didn’t take up a significant part of my closet, but it also had no need hanging there.

chance 20 failureWhile holding onto clothes isn’t a failure… Failure can mean different things to different people. And I feel there is a large difference between “Failure” and “Failing”.

Failure is final. You tried something, it ended, and it ended poorly.

Failing is a process. What you’re going through hasn’t ended. There’s still a chance. You might turn it around.

This quote tells us that even if we don’t turn it around, and save the process before failure…we still have a chance. The next time the process starts we have an idea of what didn’t work, and we can begin again.

Opening a can of worms here….have you failed at something?

I like to think that I haven’t been labeled a failure, but I have had my failing moments. Hopefully I’ve worked at correcting my course enough to be considered “failing” instead of a final “failure”. But if I haven’t, there’s still another chance to begin again and try a new way.


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