NYC Recap: Eat, Walk, Sing.

Hello Friends!!! Sorry for the silence this month, things are crazy around these parts, and it’s really hard to “Look Forward” when you have no idea what you’re looking at. But I do need to share the fun times my mom, brother and I had while in NYC last week!

Eataly NYC PizzaWe flew in on Monday and immediately started walking. We ended up having the BEST dinner at Eataly NYC. It was the #1 place I wanted to go to, and it did not disappoint. When we walked in we were overwhelmed by the line for Gelato, but eventually found the pizza place located towards the back. I could have eaten every meal there with the variety of restaurants they had.

Brooklyn Botanical GardenTuesday we ventured to Brooklyn and the Botanical Garden. It ended up being a free entry day, which was a pleasant surprise! We had a good laugh when this school of little boys (maybe 5 years old) stared at Johnny in his wheelchair. While I’m sure they have plenty of diversity in their lives, they did not know what to think of Johnny.

Aladdin on BroadwayWednesday we had tickets for the matinee performance of Aladdin, and it was awesome!! I’m sure Disney will have it traveling soon, and I will definitely be going again. After the show we headed to the TKTS booth so I could snag a discounted Finding Neverland ticket. Finding Neverland Musical NYCI am Peter Pan obsessed, and when Mathew Morrison started singing I teared up (and I am NOT a cryer). By the end of the performance I was full on crying, and cannot believe they are making me wait until June 23 to buy the soundtrack.

What movie from your childhood are you still into?

6 thoughts on “NYC Recap: Eat, Walk, Sing.

  1. Eataly is the best! I’ve only been to the Chicago location, but it’s one of my favorite places 🙂

    • Non-deep dish pizza in chicago? Blasphemy! Just kidding, I would totally check out the Chicago location, its been 4 years since I’ve been, so hopefully I’ll get there soon, such a fun city!

  2. Sounds like you had such a great time! That is awesome that you got to see the Botanical gardens for free! And how fun that you got to see a couple of shows while you were there. I’ve been to NYC 5 times, I think but have only seen shows on 2 trips!

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